Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bond In Motion: October 2015

I had the chance to visit the Bond In Motion exhibition while I was in London in October, It is one of the best James Bond exhibitions I have visited in years and holds some great props and cars from the movies.

The exhibition is located in the London Film Museum near Covent Garden and is spread over 2 floors with some great storyboard and art work with many props from the films, there are even some white card models of the film sets which were really interesting to see.

There is a large selection of cars on show and many of the cars are presented in a perfect setting allowing the cars to stand out and be seen in near 360 degree access.

The projections of the car scenes from the films are a great way to show the way the cars were used and it made the whole experience very enjoyable to see the famous and iconic car chases that make the James Bond films so memorable and enjoyable.

The exhibition houses many great Aston Martin, BMW and other cars driven by Bond over the years, There are also many well known and famous cars driven by the villains of the worlds most famous spy.

I spent just over an hour in the exhibition looking at the cars, seeing some great props and taking in the full experience of the whole collection had to offer. You could quite easily spend a couple of hours looking round the museum.

Since October the museum has added the cars of spectre to the collection and I am planning another visit as soon as possible to go check out the new cars on offer and grab some pictures of the Aston Martin DB10 and the other vehicles used in spectre.

I have always loved the James Bond films and the cars of the series have always been a big part of the reason why the series has been successful and long running.

This is the best collection of cars on show I have seen in many years and highly recommend a visit to anyone but especially James bond fans.

You can buy tickets on the door or through the website: http://londonfilmmuseum.com/home/   

Be sure to go check out the exhibition if you are in London as it wont disappoint.

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