Monday, 30 March 2015

High Barn Cottages Yorkshire

I recently stayed at a converted barn near Bridlington for a short break and it was a great couple of days with plenty of countryside and coastal walks with great scenery of coastal cliffs and fantastic architecture of historical buildings.  

The accommodation we stayed in was part of a farm with a set of luxury cottages set with in 150 acres of open farm land in a luxury converted barn. High Barn Cottages are set in a central location with everything you would ever want on your doorstep. We stayed in one of the 5 cottages known as the owl house which had a owl nesting spot built in to the outside wall with a 24 hour web cam feed to the television so you could see the owls take flight out in to the night.

The cottage was perfect and had everything you would expect from a country property, it was very clean and tidy with a modern finish fashioned around reclaimed timbers and clean eco-friendly modern country living. Here are a few pictures:
There was a full underfloor heating system in the down stairs areas of the property and a full set of radiators upstairs that ran off an eco-friendly ground source heat pump, all the electricity to the cottages was run from a large wind turbine and the cottage was the perfect place to be after a nice country walk as you entered from the cold and in to a nice open plan kitchen and living area. 

The bed rooms were large and felt cosy with on suite bath room and shower. The rooms were decorated in a nice but simple way with a nice homely feel that made the place very relaxing.

The cottage was part of the large barn that housed 5 other properties with two single floor properties boasting wet rooms perfect for disabled and elderly people. The courtyard was nicely set out and open plan with places to sit and relax in the fresh country air.

The place is a great holiday destination and I would highly recommend a stay at the cottages for anyone looking to relax and unwind in the countryside.

Here is the link to the website for the cottages and lots of information about the place and the areas to visit:

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Story Of This Blog Part 1

The story of this blog.

When I first started the blog it was just a mash up of different content while I refined my vision for content and what I wanted to create and over time I started to specialise the blog to give it a recognisable style and theme, this was only possible due to the launching of the other blogs (games, photography, review) and it made reading my blogs more user friendly as my work progressed.

This blog is the most popular of all my blogs and has some interesting content that I am proud of, there are a few things and many viewpoints of mine that have changed over time and it is always a journey when I go back and read what I wrote when this blog first started.

This blog has allowed me to see some interesting places and learn many things that I would not have learnt if it was not for this blog and how it has grown, I have learnt more about myself from this blogging experience than I would have thought possible and is a great resource that allows me to look back and see how much I have changed and how far I have come.

This blog may not have a regular stream of content each week but I am always trying to put 110% in to the creation of content on all my blogs to make up for the lack of weekly content that people have come to expect from bloggers. I use to be able to write up to 10 articles a week but over time I have learnt to refine my work and I firmly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to creating content. This blog is going to keep growing and all the blogs are going to have plenty of content very soon as I have a short break coming up. 

I will be doing a small photography project in a week or two and will be posting to my instagram and on the photography blog. 

The story of this blog will continue very soon.

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