Saturday, 9 August 2014

Life Update 09/08/14

I have been back from holiday for a few days and I am back in to a work mood now, Holiday was great and was full of eventful moments I will not forget for a while. Over the 10 or so days I was away I took over 2500 photos and it has taken about 2 days to sort through them and edit them but this means i now have plenty of photos for the next few months. I visited several attractions in and around Torquay and have several videos of penguins and otters playing around and just acting cute so I will be putting a few YouTube videos up on my channel. Here is the first video I have edited together from the trip.  

Review blog:
The review blog is going to have content very soon once I have ironed out a few of the issues with one or two reviews but computer product reviews will be out by the end of next week.

Photography blog:
Here are a few preview of photos I have posted recently: (more will be posted every few days for the rest of the month)

Woodworking blog:
The blog has been a great success and plenty of people seem to like the desk and the content I have created so I will be posting more over the next few months.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.