Saturday, 19 July 2014

Updates: New Blog, More Content...

I have been working on many things recently not been able to blog as much as i would have liked to but while I have been away from the blogging I have managed to get plenty done and created a new blog that grew from the building of my new desk. The desk is fully built now and whole process from designing it to building it has ignited a passion for creating more wood working projects and getting back in to doing more 3D design work.

The new blog can be read here: kvl wood projects

I have not been blogging much over the past few weeks as I wanted to have a break and concentrate on building my desk and now it is done I am getting back in to blogging on all the blogs I am running as part of the blogging network.

Games Blog:
I have been building a few things on space engineers since the last update with the batteries and the solar panels it means that ships could become very interesting so I have decided to make a set of ships based around solar power which I will show off on the blog this next week.

Review Blog:
The computer parts reviews will be posted as soon as possible so stay tuned to see reviews of the computer components.

Woodwork Blog:
I have designed 4 more projects and will be putting together final plans for the next 2 builds. The builds will be coasters, natural wood box, modern style glass top coffee table and an outdoor table. The build will commence in one weeks time.

Photography Blog:
There will be plenty of photography updates very soon and I will be posting plenty of photos in the next couple of weeks as I have amassed a few photos over the past month and will be taking plenty more over the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.