Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Back To Work...

I have had the past two days off to relax and not have to work as we have managed to get a break from the daily routine... Most days the the past 4 months have been the same day in day out routine with not much change but after getting the chance to have a break I have got some photograpghy done and managed to travel a little to create some new content for some future blog posts and to focus on getting back on track.

I have had the chance to visit some more english heritage sites and get some more photos and to gather some more idas for the blog without having to worry about the normal day to day stuff that sometimes gets in the way so be sure to keep an eye out for some photograpghy and a few extra articles over the next few weeks.

I will be posting a games blog on friday and updating the photography blog on sunday.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Toxic Internet: Flappy Bird Is Gone. Death Threats...

Flappy Bird is gone and lost to the ages and outrage has spread to the far corners of the Internet were the developer is now getting more death threats more than ever before.

Flappy Bird is one of them games that was never anything special and was cloned from many different games from the past which have been around since before the 1990's and it was just a re-skinned game that blew up all over the Internet, The game was quite entertaining for a laugh but after it got so big it lead to the dark recesses of the Internet becoming more and more frustrated and violent which lead to the developer getting death threats... The developer took the app off the app stores due to the addictive nature of the game and the amount of attention he was getting online.
If you are in need of the flappy bird fix check out this game here on google play store:
(it is not as good as flappy bird but should fulfil the needs of someone in need of a fix.)

The Internet can be a toxic place with many people who want to attack and threaten people but many of these people don't realise that everything can be tracked and be seen by nearly everyone on the Internet. We have seen many issues arise on the Internet over the years and the whole toxic side of the Internet comes from the old idea that you can hide behind a picture or a fake name and say destructive and horrible stuff to anyone you wish and in recent years we are seeing a rise in the amount of death threats that are thrown at people on sites such as twitter, facebook and other social media.

There are many places around the world that take Internet abuse and death threats very seriously and even prosecuted people for threatening peoples lives of total strangers. There are many sites out there that say to ignore such behaviour and to sweep it under the rug but the law is on the side of anyone who gets threatened with such severe threats and perpetrators can face serious consequences for there actions. You would not go up to someone in the middle of a crowded street and scream a death threat in their face as you would most likely be arrested so why do it on the Internet.
Always think before you post anything to the Internet as once the that button is pressed there is no going back...

This is an interesting topic and i would hope this starts a conversation in the comment section below so why not post your thoughts on the toxic state of the Internet and your thoughts...

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Blogging: Internet Originality & Blogging Advice

There are lots of people who blog from nearly every corner of the world and this means that you will find a blog for nearly everything you could ever think of. This means that the competition for getting your work viewed by a large audience is not an easy job and takes a large amount of hard work to be seen by a potential audience.

This blog has been going for many years and although it could be seen as a "big blog" with over 20000 page views plus a large range of readers and supporters it is still a small grain of sand in a large beach that is the Internet and like the tide you see many sites come and go as time moves on. I have data from the past few years that show a large portion of readers have grown with the blog and seem to like the content I have created and continue to create from day to day, but also have a large amount of readers that have moved on from my main blog to my other blogs as I have set them up.

Internet Originality:
No idea is fully original and you will find many bloggers covering the same things and competing for the dream of a large following and audience that can help a blog get to the next level but along the way you have to follow the trends and sometimes write about topics that you might not usually cover to draw in new supporters and readers which can somethime mean you lose a few readers along the way but this is how the Internet works.

Blogging Advice:
The secret to growing a blog is to go with the flow and not get caught up in the game of numbers and focus too much on the viewing numbers and page ranks as you will end up giving up very early on. When people have asked me for advice about blogging I always say you should do what you think is best and enjoy yourself... it is up to you how you want to blog and what to blog about as you are the only one that can make that decision.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blogging network.