Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Where Is The Blog...

Blog Updates:
The blogging figures are doing well at the moment and the viewing figures are above average on the games blog due to my new blog series "Indie Games Corner" where I am featuring some the best indie games I have played.

The network has grown to become very large and with this comes running cost so I have started to use the amazon affiliate system to help support the blog and placed links on most of the blogs for both and The affiliate system is good as it means that by using the amazon links the blog gets a small cut of all sales which can help towards running costs on the blogging network and for getting products for reviews. Plus I am building a new gaming PC next year which will help to create bigger and better content for all the blogs so every little helps.

I am still developing ideas for the gaming channel as I want to make something different, something that reflects the blogging network and gives people something more than just a gaming video. So hopefully I will be able to release something very soon.

I have decided to make the decision to close down a few of the failed blogs to concentrate on the main blogs that are working and streamline the blogging network to make it more affective. This will mean that the only blogs on the network will be the:
Main blog:
Games blog:
Project 365: (until 31st december 2013)
Review Blog:
Photography Blog:

The blogs that will go quiet and not be in use until further notice will be:
Kvlog101 Graphic Design:
Theatre Blog:
Maybe when the network grows bigger I will bring them back in to service.

Future Plans:
I have started to plan a few ideas for next year which will increase the workload on the blogging network by a small amount but will make it more productive and reach a larger audience which will help to improve the network and let it improve as it grows.

I will be launching the new food blog "Let's Talk Food" in 2014, so be sure to check it out for food related content and more...
Food Blog:

2014 is going to be a good year with plenty of good projects that are planned so be sure to keep up with all the blogs and stay tuned to the YouTube channel as I have a few plans for a set of time lapse projects next year.
Main YouTube Channel:
Gaming Channel:

Thanks for reading and supporting the blogging network...