Friday, 22 November 2013

4 Ways To Use A Blog To Improve Your Business

The Internet is a competitive place and with more businesses joining the Internet everyday it is difficult to stand out from the crowd but by running a blog alongside your business you can boost your page rankings on search engines and connect more with you customers on a personal level.

1.  Set up links to your company in key areas on the blog.
Lay out your blog with a header which links to your main site. By using a blog you can have more presence on search engines as your company can be seen by more people and by setting up links from photos, graphics and articles on the blog to your main site can increase traffic to your business.

2. Connect with your customer base by being open and transparent about what your company is doing.
You can post updates on projects and events on to a blog and make a conversation with readers to engage an audience, this can have a strong effect on people and make your company more friendly and popular with customers.

3. Build a following of people and set up an email list to keep people informed about your company.
As a company you want to be in the spotlight and be remembered by people so by setting up a blog that allows people to follow you and have a system that emails out to people when you post will keep your business in the inbox of your current customers and potential customers who follow the blog.

4. Post promotions and deals on the blog.
A blog is the perfect place to post deals and promotions for a company as you can target people who closely follow your company rather than open the flood gates to everyone and this helps to build a bigger presence by gaining double the views for your company and improving your company image.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.