Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blog Network Update

The blogs have been doing really well over the past few months and there is plenty to do to keep it going.

The Main Blog:
After getting over 20000 page views in the last month there has been a great number of people that have wanted to see more content so i will be creating more over articles for the main blog soon.

Games Blog:
I have been developing the minecraft world for about 6 months now and hope to get it done as soon as possible. I have been testing out some great games and will be adding a few posts to the blog very soon. I am also working on a new build idea for when minecraft 1.7 comes out so be sure to keep up with the blog for more information.

Review Blog:
I have got a great selection of reviews coming up over the next 3 months and have a great review for gaming mouse that out performs the competition which will be posted this next week.

Project 365 Blog:
I have been putting together some great photography collections over the past year and will be posting the photos until the project ends.

There will be fresh new content on the channel soon as i have been editing 3 new videos that will be up in the next few weeks. The videos include a time lapse of London I shot while in London for Summer in the city 2013, Street Photography Videos and a minecraft video to show of the progress of the world i have been building over the past 6 months.

Let's Talk Food:
This blog is just an idea at the moment but i will be posting some food related blog posts and maybe put a few old family recipes on there and just a general talk about food.

So as you can see running the blogging network can be busy but fun....

Thanks for reading ad supporting the blog.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Summer in the City 2013 Review

Summer in the City was a great event this year and had some great activities that allowed the whole community to engage in the event,

The security and the safety of the event was a vast improvement to last years event at the brewery and the way the event was organised and run meant that it was more enjoyable for everyone. The venue was 100 times better than the venue of 2012 and allowed for people to attend for meet and greets but i found the best part of the venue and event to be the open mic room and the panorama room were there was some great panels and talks.

The event was not perfect and there are many more lessons to be learnt from this year but with the organisers at the wheel i think they will be able to create something more spectacular next year. The event was great and had so much to offer to everyone,

The event was great for filming as there was plenty of activity going on,  I was able to get a time lapse made
and have put it up on YouTube [Link Below]
I will be creating another video soon so if you want to see it subscribe to keep up to date.

I will be creating some more time lapse videos on the youtube channel over the next few weeks so subscribe to be sure not to miss them.

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

YouTube: Why Are You Creating Problems?

YouTube is really pushing the community to its limit...

YouTube needs to act now and get its game together or the youtube community will start to break down and go to other sites...

The Subscription Box:
YouTube needs to ask themselves:
What is the point of getting people to subscribe to someone if YouTube is not going to deliver the video to your subscription box?

I have subscribed to over 500 people so i can keep up with the changing elements of the youtube community but when i am not getting videos delivered to my sub box it means i miss out on content which them means i can't write and create content for this blog and keep up with current trends and keep informed about current events.
We all use YouTube because we want to view content and if YouTube wants to be silly and not fulfil its services people will start to leave and go elsewhere on the Internet Its plain and simple.

Killing the Little Guy:
More and more is being done by youtube to promote the bigger people of the youtube community and in turn it is killing off the smaller users that are trying to grow and make better content. Nine out of ten times you look at the recommendations youtube offer people you will see users with subscriber bases well over 200,000 strong which means a lot of the smaller content creators struggle to get seen and stand out from the crowd.

Video Response:
According to many places on the Internet YouTube is thinking to getting rid of the "Create a video response" button. This is going to kill off the way many people create competitions and stop videos from starting conversations which can help to grow a bigger community on youtube, how will people be able to add their point of view to debates and have a voice in the community.

The Fine Line:
At the end of the day the way to look at the situation is that YouTube is a company that is trying to make as much money as possible but when you take away features that are important to the community you will cause a rift in the community that will ultimately damage YouTube in the future.

I really don't want to see YouTube fail or to be ruined by mismanagement as i love the fact that it has created so many communities and brought together some of the best content on the Internet. It's just the fact that YouTube is heading in a direction that will one day change the way people use the site and be a shadow of its former self.

Question of the Blog Post:
What Do you see that is wrong with YouTube?

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