Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer in the City 2013: 2 days and counting...

Summer in the City 2013 is just around the corner and is going to be amazing as people from around the world are going to be there, Summer in the City was great last year though there were a few problems it looks like this year is going to be better organised and run smoother.

I will be creating some Time Lapse videos at the event and will be putting together some videos and blog posts as long as the internet connection is good, if not i will be posting them after the event.

YouTube Gathering Check List:
1. Camera.
2. Spare SD Cards
3. Note book.
4. Sharpie/ pen.
5. Bottle of water. 
6. Phone charger/ Spare battery
7. Business Cards 

Gatherings are about meeting people and being part of a community so respect each others personal space and have fun...

I hope this helps anyone who has not been to a gathering before or just needs a check list of stuff you should have with you.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

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