Monday, 26 August 2013

Save the Children: SITC 2013

Save the children had a great stand this year highlighting the campaign for Syria and how to get involved in helping the charity. If we all take part and work together as a community we can make a difference and help save the children to reach everyone who need their health.

With all the trouble in Syria at the moment there are millions of people in need of urgent support and save the children are running a campaign to try to help as many children in the refugee camps and the surrounding areas

How you can help Today...

1. Tweet a picture of you holding a sign saying #savesyriaschildren. We'll take a massive petition made of them all to the United Nations in September.
2. If you’re not on twitter you can email your picture to
3. Follow the trip hashtag #YouTube4Syria & re-tweet to spread the word. You can also keep visiting this page to follow the trip here.
4.Make a video about the campaign encouraging others to take part.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Summer in the City 2013 Photos

Hi everyone

Summer in the City was great this year and i was able to get many great photos from around the venue, I have released a time lapse video on my YouTube channel if you are interested [Link: ] it was shot over the two days of the event so you may find yourself in the video...

Here is a selection of photos from the event, Anyone is free to use them as long as they on your own blogs/videos.

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If you want to see more Summer in the City content be sure to bookmark the blog or follow the blog with the box on the side bar.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer in the City 2013: 2 days and counting...

Summer in the City 2013 is just around the corner and is going to be amazing as people from around the world are going to be there, Summer in the City was great last year though there were a few problems it looks like this year is going to be better organised and run smoother.

I will be creating some Time Lapse videos at the event and will be putting together some videos and blog posts as long as the internet connection is good, if not i will be posting them after the event.

YouTube Gathering Check List:
1. Camera.
2. Spare SD Cards
3. Note book.
4. Sharpie/ pen.
5. Bottle of water. 
6. Phone charger/ Spare battery
7. Business Cards 

Gatherings are about meeting people and being part of a community so respect each others personal space and have fun...

I hope this helps anyone who has not been to a gathering before or just needs a check list of stuff you should have with you.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Future of the Internet in our Hands... Will You Make Your Mark?

We all have the power to shape the Internet for everyone now and future generations.

The Internet has grown over the years and everyone has shaped how the Internet is being used today with every click of the mouse and every keystroke they make while surfing the Internet. We all have the power to create content on the Internet.

The use of websites such as YouTube have allowed ordinary people to make content that is watched by millions of viewers and can rival most TV station viewing figures, the success of YouTube is down to its users and without the loyal viewers and content creators it would not be in the position it is in today. We have all made YouTube become a success as we have all used it.

The Internet is changing each day and it is down to us all doing what we do online that shapes what the Internet will become in the future. We all use the Internet for different things and for most of the communities on the Internet are full of  people who make the Internet great but there are some people who just want to troll everyone and spread hate. Actions like this make mainstream media (TV/Radio/Papers) report a negative image of the Internet that ultimately damages the way people view how the Internet is used.

The growth of social media has made it possible to be in communication with everyone 24 hours a day 7 days a week and this has raised a problem with people being bullied through social media and abuse from people hiding behind a keyboard on many of the services that allow non-identifying accounts.

Freedom of speech is a right that everyone should have and should be available to people around the world, the Internet allows the greatest tools to say what you think but many people do not fully understand the way the Internet should work and they treat it like a detachment of reality for example,you would not go up to someone in the street and abuse them with death threats so why do it on the Internet. People need to be educated in how to behave on the Internet from an early age so they understand that there actions online do affect real life events. There needs to be more awareness on the way the Internet affects the lives of the users who log on each day through careful placed adverts or a collaboration of Internet users to raise awareness.

We need to all work together to help the Internet keep growing and to educate people about how the Internet can be used for good, Everyone can make a difference by writing a blog post, making a video and sharing links to campaigns that help to stop the abuse and bullying that we see online each day and to help educate people in how we can make the Internet better.

You have the power to shape the future of the Internet...  It is up to everyone to make a difference....

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Friday, 2 August 2013

19000 PageViews/ Summer in the City 2013/ YouTube Videos/ Blogging Network Updates

I thought it was about time I wrote a post to give every one a few updates on what is happening with the blogs and stuff...

19,000 Page Views

I have passed 19,000 page views on the main blog a week or so ago... I think it is great that the blog has grown as it has and it is all down to the readers and the people who have supported my work and the blog.
I will be posting more content leading up to summer in the city plus making some time lapse videos and doing some other videos around London.

Summer in the City

Summer in the city is around the corner and looks like it is going to be better than last year, the event looks more organised and the venue looks 100 times better than last years. I have plenty of ideas for videos that I will be making while I am down in London and will be creating plenty of blog posts so people can keep up to date with what I get up to.

YouTube Videos

I have got plenty of video footage I shot while down in Cornwall on holiday so will be making a few videos over the next few weeks. I am aiming to make more videos for my YouTube channel as i have enjoyed the process of making the videos and learning to use my editing software properly.
The videos are not the best quality and the editing on my first few may be awful but if I keep working on them I hope to be able to make better videos very soon. It would really help if people rate comment and subscribe so i can get some feedback on my videos so if you could give me any ideas on how to improve the videos it would really help me out.

Blogging Network

I have been busy for the past month setting out new plans for the network and sorting out ways to grow the network so I can make better content and create more stuff. There are plenty of things to look forward to over the next few months...
Expect to see more blog posts on this site and don't forget to check out the posts i will be doing for the summer in the city gathering and some of the photography and videos i will be making.
The network will be growing in a big way and will continue to grow as long as people carry on reading and supporting the blog.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.