Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cornwall Holiday: Padstow

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cornwall Holiday: Crackington Haven

A small place with not a lot around it but one beach well worth a visit...
The beach has a great view over the sea and has some good rock formations on either side.
The beach is great for surfing and for relaxing on a day out as it is a great area to visit if you are near by.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cornwall Holiday: Bude

Bude is a great town with a lot to offer to its visitors, the shopping streets have a good selection of store that have something for everyone.

The town has great canal area with some great shops and the perfect cafe/bistro called the olive tree that serves a great selection of food that makes it well worth a visit.
The town has plenty of green space and places to relax near the cliffs
 The town is connected up with series of bridges and you can walk around most of the town using a series of footpaths, we parked up for the day and just walked everywhere to explore what the town had to offer.
As the sun set over over the town we went to the end of the canal that sits just next to the beach which leads to a open air sea swimming pool.
This is just one of the many photos I manged to get.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cornwall Holiday: Widemouth Bay, Bude

On our holiday down in Cornwall we stayed at the John Fowler holiday park which is only a 5 min walk to the beach down a coastal path that had spectacular views of the sea, beach and cliffs that make up an area  that is popular with surfers and families. One thing about many beaches are that many of them are too small and can feel crowded but on this beach there was enough space to walk only a few minutes away to be in the middle of the rock pools that felt like they were in the middle of nowhere.

The bay is amazing as it is so open that it makes the perfect beach for relaxing, surfing, exploring and with the area being so open with big clear skies around it it makes the perfect atmosphere for walking on the beach at sunset and star gazing.

The rock pools were full of life and home to some amazing creatures. The rocks created some great on the beach and are great for exploring as there is plenty to see at the waters edge.
There was something relaxing about walking around the rock pools as it was so peaceful and quiet I felt it was a great place to relax and enjoy the holiday.
 The beach was great on an evening as you could see the gentle waves lapping on to the sand and the sun changing colour as it set on the horizon.
The sky was alight with colours of fire most evenings and as the the sun set for the day on the distant horizon the sky changed to a deep red highlighted with orange and purple.

 This part of Cornwall is amazing and has so much to offer, i loved every minute of being on the beach as it was such a nice surrounding and i was able to get some great photographs of the sun set while sat on the beach.

I will be posting more blog posts about other places I visited while on holiday so be sure to follow the blog so you don't miss out.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cornwall Holiday: Introduction

I have been away on holiday for the past week in Cornwall and it has been such a great holiday with plenty of activity I have not had time to update many of the blogs.

I have fallen in love with the north coast of Cornwall and feel sad that i had to leave but after only seeing a small part of the area I can say with certainty that I will one day live in Cornwall as it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in the united kingdom.

The weather was great and it was brilliant sunshine everyday that I was away, the temperature was very warm and close to 30° most days which was exceptional warm for many parts of the UK.
We visited so many places and  while we were down there that I will not be able to fit it all in to one post so instead i will be posting blog posts on each place we visited and putting them out during the next week. I will be including many of the 800 photos i took on this blog, the 365 blog and the photography blog over the next few weeks.

Join me on a journey through some of the best places I have visited in Cornwall over the next week and read about some of the places that are well worth a visit to on the north coast of Cornwall.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Armed Forces Day: 29.06.13

The community has come together for armed forces day in the local area and has shown how it should be done when you put on a street market.

I attended for only a few hours as I was called away to deal with some other business but the time i spent at the event was great and the event really brought the community together.
The bunting was hung and the street packed with people looking in the shops and buying great products and produce from the stalls while helping to raise money for the help the hero's charity.

I got a few shots while i was there and thought i would share them with you all so you could see how the street come to life with community spirit.




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