Sunday, 16 June 2013

Creative Spaces: My Office

In any job were you create things and make things you have to surround yourself with creative things to help the creative process flow. I mainly blog from my office and have over the past year added many things in to the space to help me think creatively and work in a better more productive environment.

My office is my own space were I can work from and i do all my writing, editing and design work in the one space. I have created a place were I can create the content for the blogging network and for the design work I am involved in. I have perfected my work spaces over the past year and have a great set up now that allows me to get the most out of my work time. This means I have separated my work spaces between my office and my gaming rig that lives in another room.

The one thing that I have found over the past few years is that colour can be a big inspiration for creative people when you have colour on the walls in an office you can improve productivty and mood.
Creativity is born from ideas and by having things around you that can spark ideas can lead to bigger and better ideas.

If you are having problems thinking and find you workspace drains you of energy the best way to solve the problem is to put an item or two on your desk or have a small poster on the wall. If you can surround your workspace with inspiration you will find your mood and your work will improve.

I have a been planning many things over the past few weeks and will be sorting the blogging network out over the next few days so if you find certain blogs go down or are not formatted properly just be aware that it is just some maintenance that will be happening.

Leave a comment below on how your have made your office/workplace better.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Blogging Update: The network is growing...

Over the past month I have had a great time with this blog and the blogging network as the viewing figures and growing numbers of readers are supporting the blog in so many ways.

The blog has grown bigger and so has the number of twitter followers as we have a great selection of gamers, bloggers and photographers that are reading the blog now and this has helped me to grow the newest blog with a great success.

The review blog has grown with a great response from the readers and companies who are allowing me to review their products and services. When I first set out the idea to set up the blog I thought that not many companies would be interested as the network does not have 100,000+ views. But many of the companies have been very helpful and sent products for reviews.I have set out a timetable and decided that reviews will be posted on Fridays.

Project 365 is close to 2000 views soon and i have had some great comments/ feedback from the project.

I have plans to create some more minecraft content soon and make some more games blogs posts over the next few weeks. So be sure to check out the games blog.

I want to keep growing the blogs and keeping people reading so i would like to ask the following question to the readers of this post:

What do you want to see and read about from the blogs I run? 

If you would leave a comment it will help the network to grow bigger. 

I will be putting up some more content soon and posting a few videos over the next month or so.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blogging 101: Thought Process: How I write a blog post.

When planning a blog post there are several things to do before jumping in the deep end and saying something that will come back to haunt you...

Here is the process I go through when i am going to write something: I start by asking myself the following:

1. What are you going to write about?
I will start with an idea or topic either from the top of my head or from something I have seen or read about.

2. Who is your target audience?
Selecting a target audience is important as you don't want to spend time writing an article to then aim it at the wrong readers.
A target audience is not just about age and gender in modern day media as many people may think... A target audience falls under many categories including: location, interests,

3.Research and development.
When it comes to writing about other people, places and things you should have some knowledge of the subject to back up your work so you don't say something you regret later...

4. Draft
I use the draft feature on blogger on all the time as it allows me to write blog post and hold them for posting in the future. The draft feature is great for putting together an article and useful for putting together the post.

5. Check it twice
Always check your article for spelling and make sure it has formatted properly as you may see something different when it goes live so always preview your posts before posting.

6. Post it
With a few clicks of the mouse your post will be live so be sure you are happy with it and it is ready to post.

7. Social Media
To maximise the exposure of your content be sure to post links on social media such as twitter and facebook.

I hope this helps people to see what goes in to blogging and and the thought process behind it.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Internet Milestone: Funding a Telescope

History is being made now as a kickstarter campaign has been started by Planetary Resources to crowd fund a space telescope...

We have got to the point in history were we can all have a piece of space and be part of a community that is going to advance the future of space travel and exploration. 

For many years now NASA has dominated the market and had control of the space market but this project is going to allow normal everyday people  to have a part of this project and to be part of something that is going to bring together thousands of people both in the scientific community and general public.

The project must raise $1,000,000 and with 27 days to go and $687,300 already in the money pot we as a community can put a chapter in the history books. also one of the perks means you can have a picture of yourself in space...  The design looks cool too...

If you want to be part of this project click the link in this post and pledge some money an be part of history.
Its a worthwhile project and will unlock more of the mystery's of space...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.