Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rigu Colourful Camera Accessories: Exclusive Offer for Readers

RIGU Colourful Camera Accessories

Many camera straps and bags are boring looking but not the ones from this company and we all should have the opportunity to have camera gear that shows off our own personality so we contacted the company to get readers of this blog a deal you do not want to miss...

By using the code above you will get 10% off your purchase...
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The company has a selection of camera straps to suit everyone and to help you stand out from the crowd with bold colours and designs.
If you don't believe me look at the pictures below of some of the camera straps they sell.

Made from the best materials and offering great support for your gear. 

Camera Bags:
The company have a wide range of bags to suit your style and to hold your camera gear and everyday items.
The bags are made of great quality materials and stand out from other generic products on the market.


I would highly recommend this company if you are after camera accessories that stand out and if you want an accessory for your camera that shows off your style and personality.

Don't forget your 10% discount code at the shopping cart and be sure to use the graphic on the side bar to get to the site as it helps this blog out a lot.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Media vs. Old Media: Nintendo hits the fan...

The last few months have shown how out of touch some of people and companies have become...

Nintendo hits the fan... 
 I just have to say it as it is because it is the only way to go:
Nintendo screwed up big time... 

Nintendo have made fools of themselves in the past week or so with their total lack of knowledge regarding how lets play advertising works, the company has made a fool of its own people and it has destroyed the credibility of the company in the eyes of the fans. The company have set in motion something that will for ever hang round the companies neck until it eventually goes under or is bought out by another company.

It raises questions in the gaming community and the YouTube community about the future of games and lets plays in the YouTube community. We are at the point were every games company is starting to reaffirm their positions on the subject and learn from this mistake that Nintendo have made.

I talked recently about new age media and how it has become better than the old media formats and led to a shift in the way everything works and as we go in to the future and the industries grow we need to get clear guidelines and people need to understand how the system works or we will have problems like this...

 what do you think to the Nintendo situation?

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Posts form the past...

In the history of this blog i have wrote a whole lot of posts (322 to be exact) this is due to my daily work pattern were i am always making content and having plans for future posts...

I write a lot of things about very different topics and have a back catalogue of some interesting articles that i thought i would link to in this post:

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New Media vs. Old Media
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30 Sep 2011

Olympics Closing Ceremony
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I hope you enjoy looking back at some of my old posts.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

New Media vs. Old Media

Times have changed and with the rise of YouTube and more social media sites on the Internet we have seen a change in how media works. The past few years have changed the landscape of broadcasting as more and more people have started to see how sites such as YouTube, catch up services and social media can be used.
When was the last time you sat down for longer than 2 hours to watch TV?
For me it has been a while since i have watched television as i have been able to get the media content that i need from the Internet and apps on my tablet PC.

YouTube has grown to become the best video/ media service on the Internet as you will find everything you will ever need on one site and with a few clicks of the the mouse. The great thing about YouTube is the types of content and the creators, to put it simply:
YouTube content is created by the people for the people, Anyone who wants to created a video can make on and upload it meaning everyone can express themselves freely...

Old media is not as open as this new form of expression and only opens it self up to certain people who can work in television. Old media has lost its edge and like everything else is being replaced by a bigger and better system. Old media such as newspapers and radio have also lost the market share as more and more people read the papers online and on apps for tablets and Ipads This has led advertising shifting towards the online market in recent years as companies have found that there is more success in online marketing and advertising as the audience of old media have move in to the new age of online viewing of papers, news, home grown content and online media.

What do you think about new media?

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blogging Update

The kvlog101 blogging network is getting bigger and better as this year goes on. I have started 2 new projects in the past week and i hope to grow these projects very quickly over the next month or two.

Project 1: Review Site
There are plenty of review sites already out there on the Internet but i have found myself move towards doing more tech and gadget stuff lately so thought i would  look at setting up a review site.
This is going to be a blog that will help to raise money for funding future projects and travel costs for a time lapse project in July.
The way the blog works will be simple and help show off good quality products.
By using the amazon affiliate programs for everyone that buys a product we review using the links on the post we get a small cut of the sales meaning that by shopping with amazon using the links on the site you help the blog grow and improve and to bring better content to the network.

Project 2: one day in my life project
I have had an idea for a while now to create this blog but have held off until i had everything planned.
This is going to be a blog were i am wanting to get people from around the world to write about what they do in a normal day then email it to the email address on the blog so i can post it. This will allow everyone to read about someones day and see what other people experience...
I will be posting a a blog post of a normal day to start then i want to get as many people involved by posting there day in an email to the email address on the blog.
I am not 100% sure how this project will turn out but i think it could make for some interesting reading.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.
I will be posting more content on the main blog in a day or two...

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Clearing my thoughts:

Why can't anything be simple and just work?

I have been working on a project with a few people recently and it started out well and was going nicely but as time has gone on it seems the people involved are not communicating as much...

This project is important and is meant to be moving at a steady pace but day by day it has started to come to a halt due to communication issues and time management, The main issue lies in the fact that when you need some information form someone to advance in the project they seem to not have it or have made mistakes meaning you have to back track... Working as a team means supporting each other and getting on with the work not delaying it...

Reliability of people is a real issue for me at the moment as sometimes other people just seem to cause more problems than they solve meaning it is starting to impact on my work and at the end of the day this kind of thing really makes you think about life and what you want out of it...

I have started to plan my holidays now as the accommodation is booked. I am just in the process of planning out were to visits, stuff to do, video ideas, time lapse ideas, shoot locations and general stuff that goes along with any holiday.

I have also started planning my trip to London and getting things sorted out so i have a definite plan of what i am going to do while i am there. I am looking at shoot locations and things to do plus planning for summer in the city 2013. I have some big plans this year so keep reading the blog to keep up.

It seems that the minecraft server i was planning will not be going ahead just yet as a few things have come up that have lead to me rethinking the way to move forward with my blog and my time, I think the builds i have in store will be better built single player and let up for down load then run on a server. so stay tuned for more information as i post on the games blog.

Also in other news i am having a few upgrades to my computer before i start the posting more games content as i am not 100% happy with the computer as it is.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Computer Update: Lets Start Again

The Computer is fixed and working now... But we lost the minecraft worlds, builds and research documents...

The problem was diagnosed as a fault in the processor so had to have a new one fitted, the hard drive had a few issues too so that had to be wiped and many files destroyed...

So now i have my computer back i will start to build up a new minecraft project for the games blog were i will be looking at texture packs and doing a few single player builds and when the time is right we will be looking at servers or releasing the maps for download.

I will be putting some content together for the games blog over the next few days so be sure to check out the games blog.

Just thought i would update you all and tell you a few plans i have so be sure to follow the blogs and to follow me on twitter for the latest information. 

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.