Sunday, 28 April 2013

My computer is DEAD...

It is a sad day as my computer has just given up working... My computer is only two years old and has been great but it seems something inside has stopped working so it will be going to the repair shop tomorrow were hopefully they can do something...

The main problem we will face is if the hard drive has failed because if it has and we can't recover the information we may have lost the minecraft saves and the builds for the new world we were creating...

It also means that i may have lost several folders worth of research for a project that as going to be starting in a few weeks time...

Lets hope its good news and we can get it sorted out soon...

The blog will continue with little or no disruption as long as nothing goes wrong so don not worry about the blogging network.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cispa: How it will backfire on the US Government

Cispa has put in to the lime light again as the US Government tries to get hold of information of everyone in the USA.

How Cispa will backfire:

Cispa has been said to be for the protection of the Internet and to stop threats of national security and terrorism. BUT it seems many of the people backing the bill may have overlooked a few things...
 The bill is so loosely written that many of the things stated in the bill could be taken in many ways so interpretation could lead to the down fall of many people in power in the USA.

For example:

1. If someone with in congress was involved in heavy talks about defence contracts and lots of money was being dealt with this bill could be used by the government to see what backroom deals were being cut...
This could lead to big problems and expose corporation deals to public sources if a 3rd party system was ever hacked. 

2. If "someone in power" was brought by a corporation to help pass a bill or law allowing something to happen that made the US government look the other way and then the said company was to be involved in selling arms and weapons to a terrorist group you could say that "person of power" was involved in terror activities meaning Corporations, US Government, Anyone could then go and search through all their past online and in real life... My guess is that many US government officials might not like that...

The biggest thing about cispa is that it will cause more trouble for the US than they could ever imagine:
By sharing sensitive information and personal details with other companies and government yo expose the information to weaker systems and this allows for hacking groups to gain access easier, The Internet is in outrage about how the US government is treating people and their information and if this bill passes and it is not stopped the US Government better be prepared for the problems it will face. No Doubt that if this bill passes many US officials will have their own lives exposed to the open Internet by hackers and the US government and corporations will have to sort out their security as Hackers will be wanting to break in to the information.

The only thing this bill will do is Cause pain and suffering to America and Remove the right to privacy on the Internet in in your own lives.


To help stop this from destroying the right to privacy contact your heads of government, sign the petitions and spread the word about how this will cause problems for everyone.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

16000 pageviews

This blog has reached 16000 page views and I can't thank people enough for supporting this blog.
 I am always looking at how to improve the blog and setting goals and my most recent goal is to reach 20000 page views by Summer in the City 2013.

This is going to a challenge but we can do it if we all work together... This blog is something that has grown from an idea i had back in 2010 and i have major plans in the near future to set up a blogging community in a small corner of the Internet... More shall be revealed soon...

As this blog has grown i have had the chance to work with people who i never thought i would meet and i have had some great opportunities that would never have happened if it was not for this blog.

I have been in talks with a few people/companies and have had a few ideas about how i can reward my readers and followers with a competition.
I have amounted several products over my time of blogging and might have a giveaway of a few things...

More details soon...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Summer in the City 2013: Hotels

Summer in the city 2013 is going to be great as the line up looks good and the venue will open up many new opportunity's for the event to grow.

London can be expensive and looking at the hotels around the venue they have adjusted prices since the rise in interest of this event. looking at the accommodation available in the area i have listed a few hotels i would recommend to people who need to stay over in London for the event.

Here are some great hotels to look for if you need a place to stay in London

Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel:
If you are looking for a cheap deal check out this hostel as it is one of the best in London.
It has a good central location and has plenty of transport links to the other parts of the city.
Prices are around £8 to £20 a night with lots of extras included.

This is a great website for finding accommodation around the world and the database of London hostels is great so if you want somewhere cheap check out this website.

B&Bs In the area around the venue:

Hotels near the venue:
Be warned that these hotels will be expensive and the cost will be upwards end of £100

The best option for accommodation in London:

Travel Lodge:
If you are looking for a basic room with good facilities try one of the travel lodges near kings cross as it gives you access to the city and a short journey to the venue for summer in the city. Prices are from £70 to £150

This year i will be staying in central London for access to the city and the event so the travel lodges are the best for if you are doing the same.

Hope this helps everyone out, Lets all make Summer in the City 2013 the best event in London.

I shall be posting stuff in the run up to summer in the city so be sure to follow the blog and keep checking back every week or so.

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Support charities today: Save the Children

The Internet is a great resource for helping people in need as we are more connected than ever before and we have a platform to support and raise money for many charities.

There are some great websites that have allowed charities to reach a wider audience by calling on great communities such as the YouTube and Bloggers. This situation is good as a charity such as save the children can raise awareness to campaigns, gather new volunteers for charity work and get more people involved in raising money for a good cause. Many people underestimate the power of the Internet and think it is a bad thing but the truth is that the Internet has made it possible to connect with more people and this can be used to the advantage of charities to gain more support.

Many people are going through a hard time themselves with unemployment and may not have money to spare for a charity donation but services such as Twitter, Facebook , Reddit and other social media can help you make a huge difference to a charity.

If you spread the word about campaigns such as #If YouTube and other campaigns by save the children you can make a difference by gaining support from other people who may not have know about what they were doing to help thousands of children around the world.

It only takes a few minutes to copy the link or click a button to spread the word about the lifesaving work of save the children...

There is a great campaign that everyone should get behind and support that is going on now... It is called #If YouTube you can watch a great set of videos for save the children made by Charlie McDonnell (charlie) and Lindsey Atkins (liliesarelike). They have travelled to Tanzania to highlight the work of save the children and to raise awareness of the situation regarding food.

I would highly recommend you watch these videos then like, share and favourite the videos and help spread the word about how we can all make a difference and save a life of a child somewhere in the world.

These charities need support to continue their work and the Internet can help to support them... If you want to help today visit the save the children website and share the link in any way you can

There are some great people working for save the children and you could join in and help out today by spreading the word around the Internet.
I hope this post can help spread the word and gain some more support for save the children and help save someone.
Share this post, share the links, spread the word and let's make a difference to someone that is less fortunate than ourselves.

Thank you for reading and supporting save the children

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Summer in the City 2013: Advice and Information

Summer in the City 2013 is going to the biggest gathering in the UK as people from around the UK and abroad are going to descend on Alexandra Palace  in London .

Last year was a big learning curve for the organisers with many problems but this year it should be great as the line up looks good, the venue looks perfect and growing community on YouTube will be there to show their support.

 Here is some advice about summer in the city gatherings:

I was there last year I thought I was great but I will say now that if you are going to summer in the city be sure to sort out you tickets as soon as possible as it is going to be busy...

Like every gathering ever held I will state that if you are going to fan girl around your idol be prepared that it is a busy event and there are no guarantee you will meet them...  it is a fact that YouTube has grown and the community is growing everyday so be prepared you are not the only one going there just to see them and they will only stand round meeting people for a set amount of time they cant just stand there all day...

Summer in the City is an event for people to meet up and share the common interest that is YouTube, Social Networking and Blogging so be sure to talk to many people or may be enjoy a game or two of ninja...

Many people feel nervous and intimidated when you first arrive but ultimately you should not feel alone in that feeling... if you see someone sat in the corner on their own go and talk to them and be prepared to make plenty of friends at summer in the city as there are plenty of friendly people to meet.

Go with a few friends or be sure to meet up with a few friends there as you will find it more enjoyable...

Don't forget your camera...

I hope the information above is helpful and gives you an idea of what summer in the city is about.

I will be attending this year and hope to meet as many people as possible.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Summer in the City Details...

What a launch... it seems the organisers have had a few issues with the launch on the ticket site but hopefully they get it all sorted out today and have them up for sale again tonight.

The new ticket price is £18 and the venue looks great, Alexandra Palace is set in a parkland of 196 acres but the great thing is the building that will be housing the event this year.

The palace is located near Wood Green underground station in zone 3 of London with underground links from kings cross every few minutes, you can get the W3 bus from outside the underground station or it is just a 5 minute walk from the station.

If you are looking for hotels there are some great deals to be had in the centre of London and in the surrounding areas of the city. I will be posting more details of hotels in the area over the next few days so be sure to check the blog and to follow the blog for more information

I shall be posting some more details over the next few days as they are released by the organisers.

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Summer in the City/ London Trip 2013

Tweets have been broadcast as everyone waits to see where the event will be held in London... the countdown has started for the release of information at 8pm BST on Wednesday 03.04.2013.

This year looks set to be the biggest event as the number of people attending are more than last year, which raises the questions of if this year is going to be the better than last year. 

The youtube community is growing larger everyday and looking at the way it has grown over the past few years we are only growing larger as a community and event like summer in the city are great for networking and working together on ideas for videos, blogs and more...

I will be posting more content about summer in the city and i hope to create some Time lapse videos of the event when i am there which i will be posting to my youtube channel so if you want more summer in the city content be sure to follow this blog and subscribe to the youtube channel.

Check back in a few days for more information on summer in the city and stuff to do while you are in London.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.