Thursday, 28 March 2013

Photography Weekend

Last weekend I was busy on a small trip to Derbyshire to do some photography and I can say now that it was a bit different to what I thought it would be...

In Britain we have had some strange weather over the past few days, Normally around this time of year it should be warming up and getting ready for summer but instead mother nature threw us a curve ball and parts of the UK have been submerged in snow and in some parts of the countryside it has been higher then the cars and vans.

So I was asked by a few people to go to Derbyshire to do some photography and i also wanted to visit a few English heritage sites while i was there so i decided to take the trip and do some photography. Also i should mention that one of the best fish and chip shops in Britain is in a town called Belper.

The fish and chips there are the best i have ever tasted and you would have to go a long way to beat them. Here's the link to the place if you are ever near Belper you have to try the fish and chips.

The meals are great and well worth the money. The food is perfect and place is perfect to escape the cold weather outside.

10/10 for everything about this company and its food.

Back to the photography... The weather was bad on the way there but we did not let that put us off as we had packed of all eventualities and we decided to make our way to a place called carrsington waters but had to turn back as the roads were blocked.

This is just one of many shots of the small snow drifts at the side of the roads.

Even though the snow was bad there was still something about the
landscape and we got many great pictures.

The landscape was hit hard as many of the fields have been damaged and there have been reports of farmers digging out flocks of sheep from under the snow. 

Derbyshire is a great place to visit as you find some great features like the bridges and you can find some great scenery that can be breathtaking.

The UK has so much to offer in history and in culture, it has some great places to visit as you can see great lochs in Scotland, see for miles over from remote hillsides and find great little treasures that show British craftsmanship.

English Heritage Sites:

English heritage is a great organisation that preserves and keeps old buildings, rich in history and architecture...On the below is a picture from Bolsover Castle which is a great mixture of preserved buildings and ruins that are great to explore. Link to site:

On the above is a picture of a grand house called Sutton Scarsdale hall which is a ruin that has not had a roof since 1919 great to explore and look at great architecture. Link to site:

While in Derbyshire I also visited Chatsworth House.

 This is one of only a few places on list of favourite locations as it is an amazing place to visit, The house is great to visit as it is rich in history and the estate is great as it has many businesses in the many acres of the country side.
The farm shop is perfect and you can get some of the best quality products sourced from the local area.
Link to the website:

 The snow was a surprise for the weekend and at first I thought it would not be that good but i think the bad weather added to the drama in the photos and created something more life like and real.

I am hoping to do more travelling and already planning a trip to London to do some photography while i am there.

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Monday, 18 March 2013

New Shop

As you all may know if you read my blog i have had a shop tab up above and it has been dead linked. But now i would like to invite you all to view my amazon affiliate shop were you can see some the products i use and have tested over the years.

The great thing about the shop is that every time someone buys a product this blog gets a cut of the sales which means it can go towards the running costs of the blog and to pay for giveaways and competitions.

If you wish to support the blog feel free to browse the products and buy them.

Hope you all like the products available.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How can blogging change the world.

If a picture paints a thousands words, what can a blog post paint? Maybe a small canvas...

I have been spending more time designing and taking photos recently as i have been in a creative mood and also i got my new camera which is just amazing. Over the past few years i have wrote about many subjects and topics covered by conventional media and unconventional media and through it all i have always seen this blog as a part of me that helps me express and communicate in a creative way.

I Started this blog from a small idea and it has grown to become a successful blogging network with a range of blogs covering different subjects and topics. This blog has become a large part of my life as i have found that blogging is a great way to be creative and express myself through writing. People have commented on my work and even distributed it on their own blogs and i think this is great as it has helped me to reach out to people around the world and spend my time doing something that i want to do.

Blogging is a great tool for anyone to communicate and share part of their life, work, surroundings, holidays and what they are passionate about. In a world were we are all connected to technology and we all have our own lives we can read blogs about other people in other countries and places. You can even read blogs from people who are in space...

As the technology grows and improves blogging will be a way to see what we have done in the past and it leaves an account of what we did as people for future generations to read about the past and not just selected chapters in the history books

If you want to blog about something just do it as it will open your own life to the world and you will discover so much more to life than what you see now.

Leave a comment in the box below with your links to your blog and lets share our work with the world...

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