Sunday, 24 February 2013

Creative Lifestyle:Blogging and Design

Throughout my life i have always been creative and always been involved in making something be it photography, drawing, writing or designing.

I found that over the years my creativity has grown and i have created some of my best work in the past year or so i have always enjoyed the fact that i can be involved in creating something that will be used or seen by people and this blog has been a great tool for unleashing my creativity.

Some of my most read posts are of the minecraft content and my photographic posts and i have decided to make something special. Over the next few months i am going to be creating a series of blog posts, videos, plans and photographic process that will show you how i plan a minecraft build, this will include planning of themes, sketches, foundation setting and ultimately the final build.

Everyday i wake up and fire up the laptop ready to post the blog entries of the day then i will get on with the graphic design work and then i will sort out websites and content building for the web design business.
Working from home is great as i can manage my own time and work on creative projects, as with most self employed people money can be tight at times but it can also be the part of the drive to work hard and make the business work. My blog is my space were i go to vent my creative ideas and to clear my head and this helps to keep me positive.

Blogging is more than just a task or job it is an art form as it can be a direct display of an idea or something more complex and interesting. When an artist is painting a picture they look at the world around them and put there own style and vision on paper, it then hangs on a wall for people to see and talk about.

Bloggging is an art form were anyone can express themselves and reach out to others around the world, my blog has created so many opportunities and options for me over the years i would not be the person i am to day.

Over the next few months i will be posting plenty of content as i am wanting to get to 25000 page views before summer in the city so if you want to support me keep reading and follow the blogs so you get up to date alerts when i post.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

15000 Page Views: Thank You

I have hit 15000 page views on this blog and its all because of my readers and supporters and i would like to say thank you for making this a blog a success and supporting my work:

I was thinking about the number 15000 and trying to comprehend how many people that would be in one place so created this little segment to put it in context:

Royal Albert Hall:
The seating capacity is about 5000 seats so in theory i have filled the Royal Albert Hall three times.

London Eye:
The capacity of the London eye is 800 people so in theory i have filled the London eye nearly 18 or 19 times.

Royal Festival Hall:
The capacity in the venue is 3000 so i have had enough readers to fill it nearly 5 times

The Globe Theatre:
the capacity of this great building in London is 3000 people so i have filled this 5 times with the amount of readers i have had.

Lyceum Theatre, London:
The theatre were the lion king has been performed in London for the past 11 years or so can hold 2100 people, most of the shows are fully booked so in theory i have had enough readers to fill this theatre nearly 8 times.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to visit my blog and read my work 
here's to the next 15000 page views and lets try to get to keep the blog growing by following the blog with the tool on the right hand side of the screen.

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 18 February 2013

15 to 15000

I have not blogged in a while as i have been trying to grow my photography blog and get more views on the project 365 blog...

I has been going well as over the past month i have managed to get around 600 page views on the photography blog and i am now getting a better response with project 365 so i decided to make this post about how this blog is going to hit a milestone in a short amount of time.

When you first start a blog you have to work hard and get people interested in what you are writing about and posting and you build an audience who will keep visiting the site and checking out the content you post.

Over the past few years i have learnt a lot about blogging, Internet browsing patterns and how people view things on the Internet. here are just a few observations;

Viewers and Readers:
On blogs you get 2 types of visitors and these are core audience who follow the blog and read the most parts of the content posted and then you get chance audience people who find you blog through the search engines and just read one or two articles and leave. For the most part my blog is built on chance encounters and widespread social media as i write about everything and anything meaning at some point anyone will find my blog through a search engine while searching for something on the Internet.

In the history of this blog i have not really had many comments on articles as i write my content in such a way that it is there to be read and then people can leave without commenting if they wish but i always try to pose a question to grow an article as it is a great tool to see who your audience are and what they think.

I  will leave it there for today but i will be posting a fun post when i hit 15000 page views so be sure to follow and keep visiting the blog to see when that is released.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Reading List: My Book List Part 1

When i left university after doing 5 years of study i found that i started to read more books on a variety of subjects as i can tell you anyone who goes through university will gain a certain mind set were you have to keep learning new and interesting stuff because of how you develop your skills through university life and nearly everyone i know has the same problem.

 When you spend an amount of time doing academic work you get in to a mind set were you want to keep expanding your skills and learning as you find that if you don't you feel really stupid. We are all wired differently but when you work in such a creative and academic place you will gain a quest to want to learn as much as you can as you will find that it serves you well in the future.

Since leaving university i have gained a large collect of books and thought i would share a book list that i think everyone should own: I have included links to amazon were you can buy them. plus if you buy from this link i get a cut of the sale meaning that you are helping yo support this blog.

Book 1:
Beginners Get . . . Sorted: Over 140 simple, tasty recipes that take the fuss out of food 
At £10 this book is great and i suggest it at anyone who loves cooking 

Book 2:
Sorted: A rookie's guide to crackin' cooking - cookbook
This is another sorted food book 
that i would recommend and its only £10
Book 3:
Sorted - A Recipe for Student Survival: Student Cookbook
This book saved me through university and 
this is a must for every student. Best £10 spent... 

Book 4: 
The Hobbit
This book is only £4 and it is the best book for when 
you have a long train journey. you have to 
buy it as it is just great... enough said... 

Book 5
Assassin's Creed: Renaissance
£6 for this book and if you enjoyed the assassins 
creed games you will enjoy this book.

Book 6:
Assassin's Creed: Forsaken
£4 for this book and and it is a good read and goes well with the latest game 

So that concludes this post and i will be posting another list soon.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Phone Scam 118 118

we had the phone bill arrive today and we had a shock when we checked the phone records.

A few weeks a go we had to get a phone number for a hospital in Ireland as one of my relatives had an accident while on holiday so we rang the phone operator on 118 118 and spoke to someone about trying to get a number, after a minute or so they redirected us to another department and we were on the phone for around 10min or so trying to get this number we needed they were not being quick about there job.

When you ring the number there is no talk of cost involved with using the service and when you look online it says its only around £1.70 per min.

Back to today when we open the phone bill to find a 14 Minute record of a number that we supposedly dialled that is charging us £35.71, the number in question is 118 661 and when i looked online we were put thorough to a higher rate number charging nearly £4 a min... while all this was going on there was no talk or messages of how much they were charging for the calls.

 When we spoke to Virgin Media to dispute the call they said that we had dialled it and we will have to pay for it. BUT in the long and short of it we dialled 118 118 and was re-directed to a higher fee phone line such as 118 661... So it looks like they are not going to help curb this trend in companies performing highway robbery on people and are happy to feed these companies.

These blood sucking parasitic companies are charging outrageous prices and not being transparent about the costs of the calls with the people who use these services, I feel like these companies are just praying on people and its daylight robbery.




 Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.