Thursday, 31 January 2013

My work space: Blogging/ Design hub

Many of my readers might know that i have converted a room in the house to a new office space for the design business and also to serve as a hub were i can write blog posts and plan projects.

It has taken a while to get it to the point i have now and the office is far from being finished, but i thought i would give my readers an update of my workspace at the moment:

Only today have i just got a new door for the office
(well its not a door but i acts like a door)

we removed the old door as it was not that good and it took up to much room, so we decided to put a curtain up instead as it would not take over too much space...

Pole/ Fixings £10
Curtain £35

I have moved round the contents of my wall of inspiration and added  2 new boards that i have been using for graphic design ideas, these have helped a lot as i have had a rise in the amount of work recently and need to create more and more stuff for clients.

Having a dedicated space to design work can help a lot and bring so many more ideas and concepts that will help you in the long run. 

Top tips to anyone who needs to get inspiration for designs:
1. Surround yourself with colour 
2. Look at work that has been successful and look at how they created that product.
3. Never throw away anything you have made as it may be helpful in the future.
4. Read books and talk to people as it can help to gain ideas and concepts that will help with your design work.

Typography is something that can unlock ideas and
display so much more than an image or photograph,

How a simple font can be used to show something in design is a amazing and it can be used in such a powerful way in modern design.

I have several books on the subject and use many quotes from history to give me inspiration when i need to start designing a product or graphic.

So the office is taking shape slowly and i am going to be doing a few more alterations to the furniture in the next few weeks so i will post another update soon.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Don't forget to check out my other blogs on the new top menu on the main blog site. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Everything online: Is that a good thing?

As everything starts to progress on the Internet were is it all going to end?

Every week i talk with friends and we all have a laugh and when we get together we always have some good conversations that spark interesting ideas.
If you talk to anyone they will no doubt say everything has changed in modern day society due to the expanding Internet and technology. we were talking about how things have changed in the job markets and how the Internet has affected things.

Film Industry
Many years a go film makers would have to make films with expensive equipment then have to rent studio space to edit these films then send off the reels/media to studios and hope they had their movie made...
You can log on to amazon and order a good quality DSLR, rigs and equipment and have them delivered the next day for a fraction of the price compared to many years ago, then you can make your film and then use your own computer to edit and then upload them to youtube... simple and you can make money from your films online...
Times have changed a lot and people can access this industry a lot easier than before and to be honest i think some of these independent films on youtube are  so much better than some of the crap Michael bay has created. due to the Internet we can access a wide range of media and see some of the talent some of these film makers have. 

If you ever wanted to make money you had to make it big time and be part of a record label. You had to hire a studio to record music if you ever wanted to sell it and you had to pay a lot of money to get anywhere.
Anyone who wants to do music can upload to the Internet and monetise the content and make money. The growth in technology has meant that people can own there own recording equipment and use it in there own homes meaning that anyone could record a album if they wanted to.
The freedom to create to create music has been unlocked so much and to the point were many artists around today would not have been heard if it was not for the technology and the Internet sites such as YouTube.

Years ago there was a high standard of publishing and to get published you had to do so much work and hire companies to represent your book and to print it meaning that you could make small profit.
Writing has changed so much over the past few years as most modern day writers create content for e-readers and digital media as they can now upload there books to reading services them selves and not have to deal with large publishing houses unless they are printing the book to paper.
The technological age has made it so much easier to write books and to get them published and out to the public meaning that writers have more freedom over there work and can create more and more content as the process of books have changed. its a rare sight to see people reading a paperback now as many people use tablet PCs, e-readers and ipads as there portable library.
Art has been a driving force of culture for many years and artists have used so many mediums to create some great art and some not so great art.
The digital age has created more ways to create art and make things possible, some of the most interesting buildings have been taken from pen to paper over the years but with the digital age of graphics tablets and computers we can do so much more and create some great things.
As technology advances art is going to grow and grow creating things we won't have seen in the past and the use of digital media will play a big part in the growth of art.

So here we are at the end of this blog post and i am going to ask a question for people to answer in the comments section below:

Where is technology taking us?

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog

Sunday, 20 January 2013

14,000 Page Views

Its hard to believe that this blog page has been viewed 14,000 times... when you start a blog you always question the content and if people will read it and this has been so true with the blog every time i post something. I feel like this blog has entered a new level of development and has grown in to a success but ultimately it will always be developing and adapting to new content and posts as long as people still enjoy reading.

If anyone would have asked me a few years ago about how many people would read this i would have said not many people... but now i can see that this blog can grow more and more with your help, i shall start planning something big for the 15,000 page views and i want to get everyone involved. I am thinking i might run a contest or give away, but i shall release more details at a later date.

I know many of you have been here and read my past work and i have activated the follow feature on my blog now so you can follow this blog with your google account and view my blog posts in google reader when they are released.

I cant stop thanking everyone for supporting my blog and giving me the chance to keep doing what i love, i know today that if it was not for that first blog post and running this page my life would not have been as good as it has been, all my readers have given me the chance to blog to a wider audience and to gain so much in life.

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Blogging Future: Where is it leading?

I was thinking about how blogging has grown over the past few years and how it has evolved in to such a great thing that allows everyone to communicate in the long line of communication styles.

We have so many ways to communicate in this modern age and it has grown from many other innovations from many years ago, phones and TV used to be the 2 main ways to communicate then mobiles, laptops and Internet changed the playing field forever. we now have services like Skye and teamspeak, blogging and vlogging and we all use these methods to our advantages and to improve our lives.
But were do we go from here and though blogging will change and adapt to newer audiences and users, were will it go from here?...

I feel like my blog has achieved a lot over the years and i can say that if it was not for social media such as twitter and other sites i would not have the amount of page views and readers today.but in the grand scheme of things were will these social network sites be in years to come?...

I think what i am meaning to say is that the Internet is ever changing and services come and go... but i would like to pose a question to all my readers:

Were do you see the Internet in years to come? and what do you think will be the next big craze?
lets have a conversation in the comments.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Pick of the Week: Week 2

So last weeks response was good so i am going to do this again:
This week there seems to be a music theme...
Welcome to week 2 of kvlog101's pick of the week a blog post that goes out every Friday and gives you links to three personally selected things on the Internet.

Video of the week:
I find YouTube difficult | Jackson Perkins 
A great video showing some great points from the perspective of the smaller youtubers in the community.

Blog of the week:
Georgette Hilton
I only found out about this blog a week and i am so glad i found out about it... the content is great and the she is a great blogger that has a good following. I would highly recommend you check out her blog and her videos on youtube.

Product of the week:
Qwik Tune - Snark All Instrument Clip On Tuner
This tuner is great for any musician as it can be used on any instrument and the quality of the product is great, I have had many tuners for my guitar over the years but this one has to have the best one yet. 2 years since purchase and its still going strong. 10/10

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Pick of the week: week 1

 So in my last post i said about my new segment on this blog were i give my readers links to 3 categories and to help spread the word about other content creators.

Video of the week:
His videos are great and the seeing him use this new Tablet PC is just amazing as i have used tablets for graphic design and always needed months to get use to them so it show how talented he is. some of the other drawings and discussion videos are good as he interacts with his audience in a professional manner.

 Blog of the week:
ikea hackers
I love this website as it show how easy it is to create great custom furniture from old and new ikea ranges 
i would highly recommend you follow this blog as it has some great content.

Product of the week:
One of the best stands for the ipad
Portable stand for ipads, tablet PCs,  netbooks and laptops
Personal review:
I got this stand for my tablet PC and it was so good i bought two more so i could move the tablet PC from room to room. the design is great and looks interesting as a feature for any technology lover.

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back next Friday for the next pick of the week.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pick of the Week: My new feature.

Welcome to my new feature that will hopefully be a weekly thing:

This is an idea i have been planning for a while and think people might enjoy it as it will help to promote other peoples work and bring in a bigger audience.

So this is how it is going to work:

1. I will pick a video for the week and promote it on the blog post for that week. (it could be gaming related, vlog, science, news, comedy or something totally different)

2. I am going to promote some blog post from other people to help the community grow so i will pick a blog post or blogger and provide the readers with a link and a small description.

3. I am going to pick a product of the week be them old or new, these will be random and give people ideas about products and were to get them at the best price. i will also provide a link and small review about the products.

I hope you will all enjoy this little blog idea i have had and it will help promote a few more content providers and products worth owning.

Thanks for reading and support the blog.  

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Big plans for this year

As many of you may know my blog has changed many times over the years and the newest addition was added yesterday.

I have planned many things in the past and had the issue of funds to follow through with an idea so i looked at a new affiliate scheme for one of my most recomended games companies, i wont go in to to much detail but i will tell you 2 reasons why this new addition is going to help everyone.

1. I have supplied banner links for the company above on here and on my games blog  as in my opinion they have a great reputation and the quality of the products beats the other companies in the games market. so these products are perfect for every gamer and everyday use.

2. The commision i get form sales will help to fund travel and trips such as the trip to summer in the city 2013 as i am hoping to bring a full 2 day coverage to the blog for everyone to enjoy and read. These types of trips cost money and by running these new adverts you get the best products and i get money to invest in new projects for this blog meaning bigger and better content.

I know many people are against advertising in this modern age and many people will call me a sell out but ultimately these new adverts will benefit everyone who reads this blog.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. 


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Blogging Evolution

I have spent the past couple of days working on my project 365 blog and doing a lot of planning for a few ideas i have had.

One thing that has been funny about this year so far is how fast it is going by and how my blogging habits have changed in such a short time, i always find it interesting to see how a project can grow and evolve in ways were it shapes new paths and way of working.

I started my project 365 as a incentive to blog more and to get more involved in the blogging community and it is working out quite well as i have seen a Good number of page views and a good overall response to my new blogging project.

Be sure to check out my my 365 blog daily for a new photo each day,

Thanks for reading and supporting  my blog. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Creative Problem

As many of my readers would know i have been working on a video for a few months now and it was going to be a big video were it showed the success of the blog and also be a video to show how much my blog has grown and how i built up from nothing but my user name.

Well... I just rendered it out an hour ago and i am not happy with it, I'm stuck with the age old dilemma of to upload it or bin it, the video is good but i am just not 100% happy with it... My problem with certain things i create is that i always hold on to it for a short period were i decide to upload or delete it as sometimes i over think the content of everything i create.

The problem with creating things always makes the creator sit on an idea think about the pros and cons of a product and deciding to release to an open forum that will either like it or hate it and sometimes that hurdle of to upload or bin it can be too much to handle.

I know that many people would have like to have seen it but i have decided to hold it for a while and maybe one day i might release it if i ever find what is missing from it.

 I thought i would update everyone and remind everyone to stay tuned for my a new project i have that will help to promote a few more blogger and content creators. i am hoping to release some more details in the next few days.

thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year.

Its 2013... Its going to be action packed and full of great content and the occasional give away.

Last year was great as i accomplished so much and i smashed so many of my goals for this blog but this year its going to be bigger and better with at least 1 video a month, more photography, more reviews, a few blogging collaborations and much more. This year also i shall be getting my readers involved more and promoting more bloggers.  

This year is going to be better as i hope to blog more and work on more projects.

 thanks for reading and supporting the blog.