Sunday, 30 December 2012

Here comes the new year...

Its nearly the end of 2012 and i have been thinking back over the past year and i cant believe that i have accomplished so much this year.
Here's a run down of my blog online history of the year:

1. My blog has grown at a major rate and i am getting roughly 50 page views a day and i have passed 13000 page views on this blog alone.
2. I released a time lapse video on to my you tube channel that has had 25 views which i am very happy about and it has spared me on to make a new video each month now.
3. My games blog has been left neglected but i hope to bring that back in the early part of next year but it is still getting views and comments on some of the old server stuff.
4. Project 365 planning is going well and it should be on schedule.
5.  this year has been better than ever for content on the blog and i hope to top that next year.

My plans for 2013:

1. Blog at least once a week on this blog.
2. Run project 365 for the year and not give up.
3. Improve my gaming setup on my main computer so i can do more gaming related posts
4. Get my new camera ready for summer
5. Be more active in the online community

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the past year and kept this blog going and i hope to bring you better content next year and run a few competitions for my readers.

 Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

That Special Time of Year.

I have always enjoyed Christmas time and new years as it is one of them times of year were all the family get together and have a laugh Christmas eve and Christmas day is a great day especially when we have the family round for the day and have a traditional Christmas meal, or the small family gathering with light snacks.

This year i was going to blog on Christmas day but i was so busy spending times with family and friends i did not get chance to turn on the laptop.
I am hoping to get my new camera soon as i have seen the price drop recently so i will hopefully get that before February and then that will be used for my projects i have planned for summer.

The past few days have been eventful and i have enjoyed this Christmas break and i am nearly ready to get on with the projects next year. For the past few weeks i have been thinking about a few things and i have decided i am going to try to make at least one video per month next year as i have had a good response on my last time lapse video i did.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and enjoyed themselves, i hope to blog before the new year so check back in a day or two for that post.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Family Gathering for Christmas Eve.

Today is Christmas eve and i have spent the day with family and getting ready for Christmas day.

The morning was spent taking my nan to hospital for a check up then my afternoon was spent sorting out everything for the evening as we had my dads family round for a small party.

So i will be blogging soon for Christmas day so hope you read my posts over the next few days.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Issues with Guns

Over the past week or so everyone around the world would have heard the news about the school shooting in America and it is sad news that makes everyone see a major change needs to happen in America as this should not happen again.
My thoughts go out to the families and friends of everyone who has been affected by this tragedy and i do not wish to comment too much in this post about the shooting as there are plenty of other places on the Internet to read about about it.

The main goal of this post is to talk about what has happened to the American culture and the way guns have affected too many American lives. thousands of people each year die due to gun crime in America and the government just sits by letting it happen and not doing the right thing and protecting its citizens by putting through strict gun laws.
Guns used in property protection make up a small number of shootings and many more deaths could be stopped if the American government would make it safer for everyone.

I feel that i cant really comment too much on this matter as i do not live in America and it is up to the American government to sort it out but i have a few ideas about what they could do:

1. Ban on all assault riffles.
2. Stricter guidelines and testing for people who want to own a gun.
3. Higher taxes on all weapons that will go to the government to help in gun education and training
4. Limit people to only owning 2 weapons.
5. People should have to pay a yearly fee of above $5000 for the privilege to own a gun.

These are just some ways that guns could be regulated and raise more money to help organisation who could stop tragedies like this in the future.   

I hope to see some change in gun laws and hope that gun violence and gun related deaths can be prevent in the future as it is always depressing to see people being killed by guns and a government just sits by and let these things happen.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas

Its nearly Christmas and you may be stuck for ideas for gifts but fear not for i have a selection of gifts that are perfect for this special time of year.

My first gift idea is perfect for that person who loves the outdoors: 

Scotland Watercolour 2013 Calendar by Paul Pacey
This is the perfect gift for the people who love the outdoors as the calender captures some the best watercolour scenes of Scotland. I would highly recommend this to anyone:
Scotland Watercolour 2013 Calendar

My second gift idea is perfect for that person who loves technology:

Blue lounge Cabledrop
These are the greatest things ever, if you have a desk or ever have cables that need to be kept in place these are the best product you can get for the job.
Bluelounge Cabledrop

My third gift is perfect for the people who are gamers:

Razer-Deathadder 2013
The Razer mouse range is great the quality, plus the whole range is perfect for most gaming situations as well as everyday use, the new 2013 mouse looks great is is said to be better than its older brother so if you need a new mouse go with this one.
Razer Deathadder Mouse

My forth gift is is for the person who has everything:

Charity Donation
Donate some money to a charity in their name or buy a gift that will help someone somewhere around the world. I have put a link below to a charity that is one of the causes that help children to have better lives.
Save the Children

I hope this has helped some people to get some ideas and everyone has a great holiday.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

People are Stupid/ The Internet Truth

The Christmas videos are in full swing and nearly every other video in the subscription box is a person plugging merchandise for their brand.

Anyone who sells merchandise is on to a really winner as it is one the best revenue streams for a  content creator on the Internet, many people will argue that goggle adsense will bring you mega money but this is only true for some of the more well known people on the Internet.

You tube is full of people creating content everyday and making new videos for the viewers to enjoy and i respect any content creators for creating some the best series and shows on the Internet,
The one thing that seems to annoy me about a large proportion of the community especially on you tube is that they think they can spend several hours a day online watching free content ad blocking the advertisements. But then have the nerve to complain when a content creator is trying to sell a t-shirt or merchandise just so they can carry on creating content which is bigger and better.

These content creators don't just spend several hours a day creating videos and blogs Online for just the viewers, These content creators need to make money so they can eat and support their families. People who go through life expecting all this content they watch to be free are just stupid... if advertising and merchandise was not a thing the Internet would not be what it is today and these content creators would not exist as they would have to work in a 9-5 job for a large corporation who screws them out of a rightful and well deserved wage.

The Internet is a platform for business and the websites such as blogs and you tube are place were creative content creators are making money so they can survive and live a life plus create bigger and better content for YOU...

If you want to support content creators on any websites follow these steps;

1. Turn off ad block and sit through an ad its only like you would if you were watching TV.

2. The ads on pages are there to support the content creators and to show you new products that might appeal to you don't just dismiss them.

3. If you like a content creator and they have a store buy a t-shirt or something to show support for them.

4. Re tweet and share people work to help grow audiences and communities so the creators can improve and make better content.

5. Leave constructive feedback on peoples work so they can improve and create more content in the future.

6. Subscribe and follow creators as this helps them see their audiences as more than a number on screen and content can be shaped to better suit the audiences.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.    

Friday, 7 December 2012

websites, updates and rage

My first blog of December 2012...

You Tube one of the best video sites on the Internet has decided to evolve and change the user interface again and in my opinion it looks better and the layout makes more logical sense.

The quick links to be able to look up subscription videos and the option to view videos in a cleaner layout is good and the the used of the clean lines and easy to identify buttons means it is better for the millions of users that visit the site everyday.

I was looking through a few videos made by a few big you tubers and reading a few comments from people and it seems many people do not like change and want the old you tube layout back...
The new layout is easier to understand and it seems to promote more videos and related content due to the  new update by you tube. The user interface is a lot cleaner and seems more professional in looks compared to the older layouts and the clear labels on the buttons are a nice touch with the red highlights on the menus.
 The funny thing about the Internet community is that many people do not like changes to the services they use but at the end of the day if it was not for the newer designs and the constant updates we would still be living with slow loading websites and the lack of content.

The problem i have with some of the Internet communities are that they expect the people running websites and businesses to change for them but at the end of the day goggle and you tube is a free service and a community and if the community wants to have a Tailor made service they should understand that they would have to pay for it... if you tube changes their website so it is better and people leave comments and feedback for future ideas and general thoughts that is good it means the community can grow and improve.
But there is no need for people to talk shit about the website that they get for free... these comments such as you tube is ruined are uncalled for as these people do not leave any reasons why it is ruined....

With anything web based it is always changing and growing and the feed back these companies get help to shape future products but these companies would be able to deliver a better service if people actually engaged brain before typing a comment that is uncalled for.

question time;

What do you think to the new you tube layout? And how would you improve it?

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.