Thursday, 29 November 2012

No time for trolls...

You Tube:
I am addressing a comment from a conversation that ticked me off...
But here's the short version of the conversation...

"You only started you tube to make money your video was crap leave you tube now your not welcome..."

Here is my stance on the situation:

I value all opinions and views from everyone, thank you for taking time to think about my work and take time out of your own day to give some feedback.

I decided to start uploading to you tube to help improve my video skills and to share some of my work and my photography hobby, I monetised the video so if any money was raised (which i was not expecting anything to be honest) i would invest it in to my future work to help improve my content for people to enjoy it...
There are enough money grabbing people in this world already and I'm not joining the long line and becoming just another Internet sheep churning out the same content and exploiting my viewers and readers... People who start you tube fall in to two categories;

The money hungry attention seekers 
The creative people who want to share their views and their work.

The Internet is full of good content but over time it has just become a larger community recycling the same ideas, but the Internet has evolved to the point where everyone can have their say and air their opinions...

At the end of the day i am a blogger, writer, web designer, artist and many other things.
You can think what you want about me and my work as it is your right as a human being, if you comment on my work i will most likely comment back and check out your website, videos or blogs and try to leave a comment on your work as feedback.

Any feedback on any work is the key to understanding more about your audience and expanding on your work. to help improve for the future... 

Thanks for reading and supporting my work.    

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