Friday, 30 November 2012

Why we create things

I am a creative person and i recently i was thinking about a few projects and a question was raised by 2 people i was working with and we had a great conversation...

Why do we create things? what drives us to keep creating new content?

After thinking about why i create things i have come to a few conclusions i think everyone is motivated for different reasons and creative people need to use there skills to be more positive and productive, I was thinking back over the past few months about the times where i have not been creating new things and these times are always points in my life where i feel unhappy or stressed out. In my personal opinion i think i am the sort of person who has to stay productive and create things or i feel that i am not in the best frame of mind plus i am not the best person to be around when i am in a bad mood so this is why i have a need to be creative and to make things so i can be happier about myself.

I have always been the sort of person who is not driven by money as my main goal as i think that kind of mentality can be bad and cause issues in a persons life. The creative mind is always thinking and creating new ideas and adapting projects to be able to work better and this is why creative people are driven to work and to make things happen. My blog started as outlet for my bottled up ideas and thoughts and over the past few years it has grown through many phases and become a resource for looking back at my past and seeing myself grow as a person and become who i am.

One issue i have found from the past few years is that being creative can become small problem when you can't shut down and you can't stop thinking about ideas, this is also why i am a gamer as i find playing games for an hour or so each week seems to balance myself out and i can lose myself for an hour and not have to stress out about work...

I ultimately create things because i like to make things and my daily activities help to balance my creativity easily as i am always doing something such as blogging, writing, designing, drawing and just creating ideas and new projects to work on.

I hope this blog post has given people something to think about and to write something about their creativity and their work.

Thanks for reading and supporting my work. 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

No time for trolls...

You Tube:
I am addressing a comment from a conversation that ticked me off...
But here's the short version of the conversation...

"You only started you tube to make money your video was crap leave you tube now your not welcome..."

Here is my stance on the situation:

I value all opinions and views from everyone, thank you for taking time to think about my work and take time out of your own day to give some feedback.

I decided to start uploading to you tube to help improve my video skills and to share some of my work and my photography hobby, I monetised the video so if any money was raised (which i was not expecting anything to be honest) i would invest it in to my future work to help improve my content for people to enjoy it...
There are enough money grabbing people in this world already and I'm not joining the long line and becoming just another Internet sheep churning out the same content and exploiting my viewers and readers... People who start you tube fall in to two categories;

The money hungry attention seekers 
The creative people who want to share their views and their work.

The Internet is full of good content but over time it has just become a larger community recycling the same ideas, but the Internet has evolved to the point where everyone can have their say and air their opinions...

At the end of the day i am a blogger, writer, web designer, artist and many other things.
You can think what you want about me and my work as it is your right as a human being, if you comment on my work i will most likely comment back and check out your website, videos or blogs and try to leave a comment on your work as feedback.

Any feedback on any work is the key to understanding more about your audience and expanding on your work. to help improve for the future... 

Thanks for reading and supporting my work.    

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Youtube Plans

I have not done any work on my you tube channel until a few weeks ago as i have had several projects that have taken over my time for the past few months but now i am going to start making small time lapse videos for my channel. Don't expect anything to too spectacular as i my camera equipment is limited but i am going to try to make a video at least every two weeks...

I have been watching some great time lapse videos online and i am wanting to make something as good as them or better if i can... But to be honest there are not a whole lot of great places to time lapse in my home town so i have started to plan a few places to visit next year and by then i hope to have a better camera...

One thing i have come to realise is that when you have spent time in a creative space such as a university it makes you always want to create and learn more to keep your mind active and to keep your skills sharp this is one of many reasons why i set up a web design company with a friend and also do a lot of graphic design and other design work, the funny thing i have also come to realise is that after spending 5 years of study for technical theatre and stage management i have learnt a lot more about myself and about how my skills learnt at university can be applied to everyday situations and work sectors.

I could have started you tube along time ago but in my time at university and the last few months i have found that it is only now that i have found a hobby in time lapse photography and learning more about photography in general...  I think the ultimate point of this post is trying to say  is

Learning is a process and as we journey through life we go from project to project and create a catalogue of work so we can look back in years to come and see our achievements in life and ultimately you tube is a platform for creative people to express their work.

I hope you subscribe to my you tube channel and support my videos as much as you have supported this blog.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog 



Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Office

Over the past few weeks i have been sorting out a few things and i now have an office space in the house to escape to and to just work in when i need to sort out business stuff and to blog.

Here's a picture of my new office space:

I have needed a place to escape too recently as my main computer downstairs is in one of the busiest rooms in the house so my new office is my new work space for when the downstairs computer room is being used.

Maybe next year i might move the main computer up to the office once i have a new desk and got the rest of the room sorted out. plus i need to get the office wired up to connect to the Internet...

Have you seen my new time lapse video on you tube? if not here's the link below:

London time lapse 2012

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

My London Time Lapse

 I have been away for the weekend and been in London and Bath.

While i was in London i decided to test mess around with my camera and made a few time lapse videos with my camcorder, the quality is not that good but please leave some feedback... 

 my video

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

The best concert i have seen ever...

Anyone who knows me will know that i love classical music and opera. The concert I went to see at the O2 Arena was by one of the best classical artist of our day the one and only Andrea Bocelli,

The music:
Andrea Bocelli was on top form singing out pure pitch perfect notes all night, the support acts were great and some of the voices were crystal clear,
The support acts were great and some of the talent was amazing. Just to show how talented these people are i have included a few links bellow:

CARisMA (guitar duo): Website Youtube

Svetla Vassileva (soprano): Website

British Philharmonic Orchestra: Website

Rebecca Ferguson: Website

RebeccaFerguson: youtube

Div4s: youtube

The technical review:

The lighting was used nicely throughout the performance adding nice depth and a dynamic feel to the stage creating a great sense of story and narrative. The colours used in the performance gave a good connection of the mood and feelings that were relevant the songs and the context and origins of the performances they came from.

The show was a good mixture of songs from the classic operas through to some of Andrea bocelli classic songs that have helped home rise to fame around the world as one of the best opera singers.
The sound setup was perfect and it sounded good throughout the whole performance. The sound was amazing on two occasions when the whole stage was in perfect harmony the orchestra was playing, the choir was singing out in to the whole of the venue while Andrea held on the best notes I have heard. The whole evening sounded great and the technical team were amazing.

The audio visual was one of the best examples of supporting the show with use of stunning videos flying through amazing scenery to the clever use of cameras moving around the stage picking up amazing live video from inside the orchestra area.
The audio visual effects and mixing was possible the best I have ever seen in a performance and the way the screens were used were great as i added so much more to the performance.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.  

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Strange Goings On... Blog update

I have not checked on the blog for a few days as i have been busy sorting out a few things ready for launching a new project next month...

As i logged on i found  that there was a spike in the views yesterday and there was a post with a video link... i did not post this so i think the blog may have broken temporally but it is all sorted out now...

So back to the reason behind this blog post. I feel like i should give all my readers a update about December and my projects planned for next year.

In the past i have wanted to make videos but when i comes down to the point of uploading them i stop myself as i feel that it is not good enough... I have said i will upload a video for my 10000 page views target for this blog but i have had an idea instead which will be better,

I have been keeping track of this blog since the start and i have decided that i am going to make a video that charts the journey of my blog from start up to the end of this year...

I will release it at the end of the year and will run a competition to go with it to reward my readers that have supported my blog from the start.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Blogging Milestone

Its official... my blog has hit over 10200 page views, I am proud of my blog and how it has changed and adapted over the past 2 years.
 I started this blog on the 28th august  2010 as a project to help vent my creativity and to connect with a wider group of people I decided to blog and one thing that everyone seemed to say was you should have a set topic and a blog with an aimed audience in mind... I took the advice and decided to go it alone and write a blog that was about everything and anything...

My life changed the day I started to blog as i found an outlet for my creativity and started to connect with people around the world plus look at everyday situations in a different light and learn great life lessons.
I started my blog from scratch, I made an online persona of kvlog101, I took my experiences from life and put them out in to the world to help people and to release my mind to work in a better way. This blog is like a part of my brain were I put all the memories, lessons I have learnt, my stress and it is mainly a place to help me clear my head so I can get on with my life and not let everything build up.

This blog has become a big part of my life and it has helped to shape unlikely friendships, learn new things, cope with difficult times in my life, help other people cope with problems and share my view on life and to document a time in my life were I have accomplished some of my greatest work this day, I have gone through some of my most memorable experiences ranging from university to my own personal progression.

I feel I can give some great advice and share some great lessons that people could take away and apply to their own work and create a successful blog so here are a few tips, tricks and thinks that may help...

1. Proof read everything before posting.
2. When you are writing you should try to set a time each week to develop ideas for you blog to keep it fresh
3. Change the background to something relevant to you blog so people can make a connection to your work.
4. Do not give out personal details about yourself or others as you never know who will be reading.
5. Enjoy yourself and write about what you think is relevant and try to make your blog posts clear and easy to understand. 

I hope people can gain a few tips from my work and to get blogging or to improve their blogs as it is a great thing to do...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.