Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dependent on the internet

A few days ago twitter exploded with tweets about tumblr being down and it was clear to see that many people on the Internet can not cope if they do not  have access to certain social media sites.

It was sad to see that people were actually lost without their tumblr pages... many comments followed the same line of thought and you could genuinely see that people were stressing out over a small problem.
The more people use websites and feel that they need to use these sites shows that social media is an addiction and it is unhealthy to a very alarming point.

The moment someone does not know what to do with themselves if a website is down is shocking, I have seen this also with game servers and forums were they go down for maintenance  and people are at a loss and lose all function of themselves.

We are all wired in to the Internet 24/7 it is scary to think that with out it that some members of society can't function without their daily fix...

People need to realise that the Internet is not full proof and all online services are all ways going to have down time... People also need to not get so attached to their social media as it could be seen as an addiction.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Changing trends: My view on the internet

I was having a conversation with a few friends about how the Internet has evolved and changed over the past few years and how people can have "Internet fame" for a time and then disappear off the face off the earth, we talked for a good few hours and made a few observations about how people can just disappear from the lime light.

Looking back on the past few years the Internet goes through phases were a website or social network is popular for a time then the popularity dies off over time, if you look at how popular myspace use to be and the amount of people that use to use the service it was a good website but as more things came along such as facebook and other services myspace numbers plummeted and it was thrown to the scrap heap.
If you look at how trends come and go you see patterns and find that the community can move quickly between services, facebook has always been on the verge of losing the community as it has changed over the past year or so and there will be another website that will inevitably take over in the next few years. If you look at some of the more popular services today you can see that there has been a boom in the community and websites such as reddit and tumblr are going strong but just over the horizon there are other websites just waiting to take over.

To keep at the top of the community a website has to be updating and improving all the time and proving its worth to keep going, major changes to any service have always gone one of two ways, you will find the community embrace the changes or reject them and leave. Many youtubers today use the classic combination of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to engage the community but if one of these services were to go these content creators can have a hard time. But if a youtuber own a website with a registered domain you can find it easier as people have a central hub were they know they can find you.

Blogging  is always coming under fire and people say that blogging  is dying but I think that blogging  is going to a major factor in the internet for many years to come as the possibilities  that are available can be used for many uses such as photography, video, business, advice, stories, publication and many more uses.

I have established a blog that is read by nearly 70 people a day and coming close to 10000 page views through hard work, dedication, determination and constant stream of support from the community, this blog has changed my life for the better and I can say hand on heart that i would be unhappy if I had to stop. I feel my blog is a open source that i can use to express myself and to inform people of important and useful information, I find that my blog has helped me to grow as a person and to approach my life from a better way by being more open minded and to see a situation in a clearer way rather than just viewing it all in a black and white fashion and being bias towards a train of thought.

The internet is a place for people to talk and communicate and to make friends, it is a place to learn new things and to find out more about life outside you front door or even your own country, the internet gives us freedom to travel the world and experience different cultures all from an arm chair or sofa in you your own living room.
The internet is a gift of life to everyone it is a tool that can be used to enhance life and to encourage learning.

As the internet evolves it takes us on a journey and we learn a whole lot about our own life and about others around us, I consider the internet to be the best resource for learning and communication with people you would never have normally met, the fact you can talk to relatives and friends on the other side of the world like they are in the same room as you just goes to show the good qualities of the internet.

To conclude this post I leave you with a thought:
As the internet evolves we move along with it going on to the next great products and services and we grow as people who are more informed than many of the past generations that have come before us.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Project ideas:

I was thinking about new projects and i have had an idea that i will try next week...

I am going to take a piece of paper and a pen and write/ draw and just use the paper every day for the week then upload a photo at the end of the week to this blog i will call it: 1 Page, 1 week, 1 Pen.

This is going to be a test for a bigger project i am going to do next year were i will buy a blank book and use a page for everyday of the year and then post a film of the book to youtube at the end of the year.
 Which will be called 1 Book in 1 Year. 

It will be a small glimpse of my changing moods and attitudes through the year plus will be a good thing to accompany my 365 photo project i also have planned...

 Code-name: Project 365 

I am getting more involved in photography at the moment and will be making a few time lapse videos over the next few months, plus i will be making more use of my main camera ready for the big projects i have planned next year. 

I am also trying this new google affiliate ads thing on this post to see what it is all about... 

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Graduation Day

It was always going to be an end of a chapter in my life and last Friday it arrived in a great day...

It was my second time graduating and i found that this year it was better as i can look back over the past 5 years were i have accomplished 3 courses (Btec, Foundation degree) at hull college and i can finally look at my final degree B.A Hons in Technical Theatre and Stage Management.

I have finally completed my college and university studies and am in the world of work, i have got to the point in my life were my official eduction years are over and i look back at the student debt i have amounted and the work i will have to find to pay it back...
The difficult part about the job hunt is the fact there are no jobs in the area at the moment so that's a small problem. 
I would give this piece of advice to anyone who is stuck for work... make your own job and work for yourself it is the best thing you could ever do.

I will be blogging in the next week or so as it will be my birthday... plus i have a trip to London soon so will blog about that...

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Creative Energy

Over the past few months i have found that my creativity has been down as i have been so busy, this lead to me changing a few things in my life and make my life easier.

Sleep Pattern:
I have finally fixed my sleep pattern after 2 years of messing up my body clock and by fixing a sleep pattern i have found myself feeling like i am in a better frame of mind, my productive has gone up and my creativity is a lot better plus my design work is better.
I have started to wake up at around 6am which gives me plenty of time in the morning to get on with work meaning i have a full afternoon to work on other projects plus to do any other design work that is needed for the day,

In the last 2 weeks i have started to drink less coffee as i have worked out that that was the reasons for my sleep pattern being inconsistent plus on an average day i was drinking nearly 7 cups of coffee (way too much).
So i have cut down on my coffee intake that has made it easier to work more and relax more.

I have got involved on more project work and my extra time i have is great as i am getting a lot of planning done ready for next year plus i have made a few changes to a few things so blogging will be more of a major part of my life next year.

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Friday, 12 October 2012

A British View on American Politics

I am British and I am a blogger therefore my time is spent looking at many news story's and situations from around the world and over the past month or so I have been watching many videos and reading a lot of coverage from the presidential campaigns in the USA and here's a few things I have observed:

America is huge melting pot of misinformation...

The amount of people that put out their opinions and make statements about politics to wide audiences about non-facts and wrong information is scary people listen to their subscriptions on YouTube and take the word of them people and do not research the facts and the truth. Over the past few months i have seen many videos and blog by American citizens making some silly comments and not understanding the basic framework of the presidential campaigns...

One major thing that i do not agree with is the use of religion in politics, the way that peoples faith can make them vote in such a way that they could blindly listen to there pastors and their church and just vote because of how the church says they should vote. This can lead to a leader that will cut funding to major services that keep people safe, it takes money away from education and programs to help people, it even leads to people losing health care which is vital to their survival.

The things I have read, the sound bits and videos i have seen seem to show the republican party as a money grabbing self preserving group of people who wish to take away the health care and cut programs and essential services that in truth only take up 0.12% of the money that the government spend.

I read on many websites about the war in Iraq and wars that involve America and if a country can afford to spend 8 trillion dollars on a war and put more money to the development of tanks and  make more tanks when there is a overlarge surplus of tanks sat in storage all around the USA just show that America has got a problem...
Any country that spends unimaginable amounts on money killing people in war in other countries and can't even afford to give a stable health care system to its own citizens is not using the money wisely.

I read articles about Obama care and look at how it is saving lives and and giving people the chance to get a good deal with their health care and making it easier for them to survive but when Mitt Romney can stand up and say i am going to cut the service to save some money just goes to show that he does not care about the working class and the people in America who need Obama care to live a better life.

The fact the republican party can say that abortion is wrong and make life difficult for the people of American is
wrong... the funny thing about how the republican party hold themselves is great as there are story's of republican candidates forcing their mistresses to get abortions when they have cheating on their wives... The way these "elite" people thing is funny as it is one rule for them and everyone else has to live both other rules...

The Republican party is showing that corruption is alive and kicking as the bills that Mitt Romney would pass would give several Millions of dollars worth of tax cuts to the very rich top end investors that are funding his campaign... the only way to do that is to shit on the working class and screw the economy for his own personal gain...

As an outsider i read many sources and find alot of information that shows the American people are not as informed as they should be and being fed rubbish by news and peole around them which will lead them to vote in such away that the wrong people will gain power and take America apart for their own benefit. 

Look more in depth and you see that not everything to see is truth and people will bend the truth to gain more power...

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Leave a comment below and we can make a conversation and look at what American politics means to you...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ideas for the future and plans for now.

I have been trying to find new ideas for my blog for the past few weeks and trying to blog more but seem to have drained the creative battery...

But just now at 02:02 in the morning my brain has switch on and i have a few great ideas for a project or two I am going to start next year,

Project 1:
An idea I have seen done before but like the concept behind it as it would get me using my camera more or maybe buy a new Digital SLR camera...
Starting on 01/01/13 I will upload a photograph to a blog meaning I get to be creative with some photos and document a small part of my life in the sense of where i travel and what i see along the way.

Project 2:
Launch a new branch of blue 5 design... more details to be released at a later date...

Project 3:
This is going to a big project were I am going to get the community involved... its going to be a large project that will take a few months of planning but it will all be clear next year...

I am going to blog more over the next few weeks as there are a few big events happening, 1. Graduation 2. Birthday 3. Short break in November plus a few more things if all goes to plan.

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Internet curse

I have found that recently with the blogging I have held back a few things as i have got to the point were it is too easy to find my blog online, I am working on several graphic design projects that are raising problems and i am having to stop myself from logging about how I am getting worked up about how people seem to keep causing problems...

I keep asking myself why can't the working conditions be as simple as the web design stuff I am doing at the moment but I just have to put up with it.

My blog has become more public and i am having to censor my posts to keep certain parties happy and to keep my graphic design work going, I have seen this happen to many YouTubers that I watch and some that I know well through the community encounter the same problems were they have to limit there videos to keep employment or to save future job prospects.

I do not think of this blog as a big presence on the web but I am encountering a large rise in readers each day and finding that as i grow as a blogger and my work as a designer grows as well I am having to find a balance were I have to stop my blog from ruining my job that I have made for myself.
As the Internet grows bigger more people are in contact with the world and it means one statement you make could cause a problem for you later down the line. You could write something and delete it later but it is still read by people and stored. So one tip for everyone: be careful what you write or say on the Internet, you never know who may see it...
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blogging Equipment.

 I have been blogging for a few years now and really on good quality products to make my job easier and to make life simple.
To start blogging all you need is a computer and a good source of events plus a little bit of imagination and you can blog about anything you wish but when you start to blog more and more it is best to get a few good tools to help with your work. here are a few bits of tech that help me with my blogging:

1. Acer Aspire 5733 Laptop
A good laptop for photo editing, video editing, blogging and general use.

2.Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800
The Microsoft set is great for typing and for gaming and the quality of the product is one of the best i have used in a while. 

3. Olympus digital voice recorder VN-7800PC
This Little beast is great for when your interviewing people for a blog post and  use when recording audio for videos the quality is good and the price is cheap considering the age of the thing.

4.Motorola xoom Tablet PC
My greatest purchase in a long time and i would recommend any of the Motorola tablets as they are built to a good specification, i use this practically every day as it is such a great product when you are on the move. 

5.Toshiba Camileo S20
this camera is great when you are out and about and the hd quaility is good i have made several films with this camera and the features you get  such as time-lapse and slowmotion is great for the £100 price tag.

So heres a few tools i use for my blog what tools do you use to make your blogging experience better?

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Time Lapse Photography

I have always had an interest in photographs and video and i was messing around with my camera only to find that i can create time lapse photography really easily so have been looking in to how to make it better.

I am travelling to a few places in the next few months and plan to time lapse some stuff if i get chance...

After a few weeks of work i am starting to use my Flycam Nano more now as it has been sat doing nothing for a few months now so i hope to create a few videos soon with the Flycam and get a few time lapse collections together so i can use my youtube channel more. The next few weeks are going to be busy with website design and with a few projects i have planned i am going to be blogging more as i have a few things planned that i went to share with the readers of this blog.

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