Friday, 31 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 9: Day out and visit to Cromarty

Today is a good day the sun is shining and the sky look clear...
The plan for the day is to get some work done then visit a small place called Cromarty on the Black Isle, I have been told its is a good place for photography and the scenery is nice around there so i should have a few good photos to post on here soon.

I went for a walk to the tall tree Forrest yesterday again and got some great pictures and a small videos for an idea i may use for a project...

Here's one photo from the woods... Toby come back here now...

I have a few ideas for a project that i want to start but need to purchase a flycam or a glidecam to get the effects i need so i hope to get something sorted out in the next few weeks and maybe get a YouTube video up with in the next month or so.

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 8: 5040 Page Views

After having a great walk up to the woods with dog i decided to write a blog post for the day and i got a great surprise as i read that i hit 5040 page views...
I was going to be making a video for my 5000 page view as i thought it would be in a week or so but i don't have one ready just yet... so i have a plan to make something better and release it once i get to 5500 page views or so.

My blog has grown from a small idea to something that is a major part of my life now and the blog is going to carry on until i cant blog any more... i want to expand this blog soon and start a project that will open up a large opportunity for my readers and followers to get more involved in blogging.

A current project i am working on will be released to the world once i have finished filming and editing so i will post more information soon. 

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog...

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 7: The Landscape

The hillsides roll in to the distance for miles around as the mist and fog descends on the peak that over looks the house...
The rain clouds gather in the far distance as the trees sit calm after the wind lashed round the garden yesterday. The weather has been mixed as we have had several rainbows and the weather gets stuck in the valley were i am staying... 
The Scottish landscape is ever changing and has a great sense of atmosphere and theatre, the area i am in is full of rolling hills and small villages that can be effect by snow and ice throughout the year and the magic of the area is the surrounding hills that act like a natural defence from some of the more damaging weather.

I will hopefully be visiting Loch Ness on friday so should get some good photos and videos...
I am going to walk the dog in an hour or so and hopefully venture to the local Tall Tree Forrest and get a few photos that i hope to share with you tomorrow.

Comment bellow if i should post a few pictures of the dog..

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Scotland: Day 6: Cost of Living

I wrote about the differences between Scotland, London and home yesterday and when we went to the local co-op convenience store i was looking at prices and cost of everyday products such as milk and bread and the cost difference is a major thing for everyone in modern day society as we need the basic food to survive...

The cost of a bottle of milk is about the same as at home, but when i was down in London i would have to pay double the cost for the same thing... the city of London and the south of England has always had there goods priced higher and this is understandable but this just creates problems for many people as they can not afford the basic food that they need so they buy less healthy alternatives.

Join in this post and post a comment on how much is a bottle of milk were you live...

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 5: Dog walk/ Thoughts from places

Blogging is such a big part of my life now that I can’t remember why I started, I have not earned a lot of money from my blogging and I don’t expect to get a lot of money from it as it is a small blog in the corner of the internet…

I think about why I do it now and it’s the comments and the experiences that I have gained from my blogging that has improved my life and my perceptions about life in general.
The power of blogging is a good thing as it can help many people by giving advice or promoting charity and local businesses and improve the lives of many people. 

I think about what my blog does for me and other people and it gives a window in to experiences that people can draw from and look at but it also makes me want to do more to give me better experiences to write about and gives me a purpose in life. 

Thoughts from places: 

As I was walking the dog I was walking down a country lane overlooking scenery that is just breath taking and looking at how everyone’s lifestyle is so much different : 

In London it is a busy place where everyone is rushing about having to get somewhere and looking after number one and just lives in their own little bubble and don’t talk to anyone while travelling around or walking in the street, There are shops everywhere and the availability to services are great. 

In Scotland as I was walking the dog people were saying hello/ morning/ how are you?  The pace of life is slower and the atmosphere is more relaxed. The nearest shop is more than 5 miles away and the availability to services can be limited.

I am from a town on the east coast and it is very mixed in the fact it is busy in the mornings but also slow paced during the day so best of both worlds, I can walk 2 min down the road to a corner shop and buy anything I need. 

As I compare the places I have been and place I live I can see a big difference and I find that blogging is a great tool to place my thoughts and focus my mind.
I think this blog is the one thing that has changed my way of thinking over the past few years and the blogging community is one that I am proud to be part of I am nearly on track with these blog post now so will be posting another later on if all goes to plan.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Scotland: Day 4: Highland Games

I spent this sunday at the granton highland games watching the games and the highland dancing were one of my cousins were performing in serveral dances she did really well and got some great results she came 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th and 6th...

The games were good as the atmosphere was vibrant and the people were all friendly...
I have been to many highland games around scotland over the past few years and this one seemed to be the best for the sense of community.

Heres a few pictures from the event:

sorry this was not uploaded Sunday but i was at the games most of the day and did not get chance to sort the photos out till this morning.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 3

Its raining today and the weather won't be improving for a few hours...

I am traveling to the local town today to get some things sorted out so i am going to get a few gifts for a few people...

Scotland is a great place as it has some of the best hills and rivers and the photography you can get is just great.

I have spent some time thinking about my blog and why i create what i create, i think my work is my open creativity that can be read by everyone and the style has changed over the last few years...

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Friday, 24 August 2012

photos from summer in the city.

 Welcome to my first summer in the city post here are a few pictures from the gigs and the event in general...

 I know most of the quality are bad and the colour was off in a few but my camera is getting old and i need a new one...
 The musical talent at the gigs were great and the nights were both interesting and fun to be at...


 I want a hat like that...
 Can you see anyone you may know in the photo...

 the gigs were packed full and the crowd was great...

 Thanks for reading and supporting my blog heres one last photo for tonight

 \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ The animation king \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Scotland 2012: Day 2

Scotland Day 2:

I have had a relaxing time up to now as i am nearly 7 miles away from any town and the public transport system is not that good so i have spent most of day one in the local area...

I am going to be at a highland games thing on saturday or sunday were there will be alot of things happening so might get some good photos and videos...

The plan over the next few days is to get some more web design stuff done, plus edit the videos for summer in the city.

There will be some photos from summer in the city going on a blog post later today so check back on the blog this afternoon.

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 1

I am on a working holiday near Inverness in Scotland at the moment and doing some work on a few projects at the moment so i am working in a remote location several miles away from Inverness to clear my head and get some work done...

I have a few plans to get some photography done over the next few weeks, plus i have all the photos and videos of summer in the city to sort out so that's going to be done in the next few days and hopefully upload them if i get a good internet connection.
I spent nearly 8 hours traveling from home to get here and i loved the journey up here as i passed through lots scenic countryside and saw lots of amazing coastline from the train window...

I am going to post a link to a great website for water colour pictures of Scotland in the next few days. A family member that i am staying with up here is a talented artist who has created some great water colour paintings that he sells and i would highly recomend everyone check out his website.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

London & sitc 2012

I have always loved London and to me it feels like a second home, the transport is great, the atmosphere in the city is just amazing and sitting on a bench over looking the river Thames is just a great source of inspiration as a Blogger.

Summer in the city was good I enjoyed my time meeting plenty of people and had a great time talking to like minded people and creators on the internet.

I am going to blog some sitc stuff over the next few days and post some photos on my photo blog,

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Review of Summer in the City 2012

I spoke to many people over the three days and had a great time and wanted to get everyone involved with a blog post so asked them what they had thought of the three days and the experiences that they had at summer in the city 2012.

There were many new people who had never been to a gathering like it before (me included) and the response from the people who turned up seemed positive and liked the interaction between the people they had met and the way collaboration was so easy to organise at the event. Many people made many so many new friends and met so many interesting people that the event was a great three days and many people I spoke to said they would be going to more gatherings and defiantly attending next years summer in the city.

I have split some of the comments in to pros and cons so you can all see what everyone thought about the event below:these are all from around 100 or so people i interviewed at the gathering


Great atmosphere.
Great music in the open mic room.
The use of space and the way the rooms were set out were cool.
I loved the games room i won at sopio for the first time.
The panel/ conference style was great the content was very interesting.
The lighting in the red room was magical.
Glad we had a room to go to get away from the fan girls/mobs of people. (Big Youtubers views)
Helpful security staff.
People were friendly and i enjoyed myself as i went to many of the interesting talks.
Great locations.
The games corner was great and enjoyed reading the magazines.
The Save The Children Stand was great and the people were amazing to meet.


Queuing for 4 hours plus to get in.
Fan girls screaming and running around.
Not enough room in the venue.
Not enough signs/ announcements about what was happening in different rooms i missed some of the talks.
Could have been more activities/ talks.
Nowhere to charge my camera and phone.

Overall the event was good there were good points and bad points and many people thought it was better than last year and the indoor event was good abut there needed to be more space and places to relax in the venue as it was very crowded in many of the rooms.

Thank you to everyone i interviewed i will be post more over the next few weeks so thank you for you input to this article.

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Morning in London

I am sat on a bench overlooking the river Thames in a nice shaded spot next to the London eye...

The weather is nice and the world goes by as I sit here relaxing, I travel from kings cross at 16:30 to go home and the day is just going to be one big chill out session before a meeting tomorrow...

London is just such an amazing place and I would love to move to such a great inspiring and creative place, I have got some great pictures and had a great time here I am sad to be leaving...

London is way of life, everything moves at such a fast pace and the people and surroundings are a  great source of inspiration for film makers and writers...

I hope one day I can live in London and work as a Blogger and create content highlighting London as the best place in the the UK for online content creators.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog, I will be blogging on the train home so tune in later for part 2

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer in the city day 2 part 2

I have met 2 great people at the save the children stand and signed up to help campaign for save the children and help raise awareness of their projects...

I am sat in the only air conditioned room while I write this as the other rooms are packed out...

This event is just great, the people are amazing and the venue is perfect for the gathering...

Thanks for reading I will be posting another blog today this afternoon around 2pm

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog

Summer in the City day 2 morning

Yesterday was great and the tube journey back to my hotel was interesting. The streets seem different at night and I could hear people still in the streets at 4/5 oclock in the morning, London is just a great place as it is always busy and the transport system is great for getting around London fast.

I shall be going to summer in the city again today so should have plenty of stuff to post over the next few days...

The event yesterday was a great show of community and the people at summer in the city really showed that youtube means a lot to them and the people around them.

Jack and dean said something that was true to youtube when that said: "you all think we are celebrities but we are only 2 people making videos in our room"
As viewers of youtube videos we see some youtubers as stars or famous but ultimately they are just like us sat infront of a computer interacting with the online community...

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer in the City Day1

I have never been to a you tube gathering before and when I first turned up at the place I bumped in to Oli White who was great to speak to, The atmosphere was amazing and the rooms were packed out with loads of people swarming round the big YouTube stars.

The music at the gig was just great and the performances from all the musicians was our talent. Jack and dean were just perfect for ending the gig and the whole day has been a good experience, I shall be going tomorrow for the full day so will have plenty of photos and videos to share with you all on this blog at the start of next week.

I have to buy a new sd card for camera tomorrow was I have nearly filled my main one with just photos from today, also got a fluid head for my tripod so I can film a few videos in the next few months.

I have lots of photos and video to share with you all, but the internet is expensive here so I don't want to use it too much so all photos and videos starting monday,

Follow this blog so you can keep up to date and it will be sent to your inbox so you never miss a post again.

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Blogging from london

I have just checked in to my hotel and it is great, the location is amazing as the views over the area are just great.

I am going to be attending summer in the city in a few hours time after I have got everything sorted out.

The room is basic but the place is great as a base for exploring London and attending summer in the city, going to sign off and get sorted ready for traveling to summer in the city...

Will blog later and review the gig.

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Calling all bloggers at summer in the city 2012

2nd post for the day...
I was looking through a few boxes that have been in storage for many years now and found some stuff that brought back a few memories and just took me on a trip down memory lane.
It started me thinking about what i have accomplished and how i have become who i am today and how my blog has become such a big part in my life.

I travel to London tomorrow  for the summer in the city 2012 event and should be there most of the afternoon and for the gig on the night, I have been looking forward to this event for a few months as it is what I need to Improve this blog and be involved in the Online community more.

As mentioned in the last post I need to ring a music composer so if you know of anyone please comment on this post.
Also if you are interested in getting involved with a large blogging project comment on this post.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog...

Planning Something Big...

Over the next few weeks i have a plan to make some content for the blog and maybe a few videos if i get chance.

I will be at summer in the city and hope to speak to as many people as possible plus network with a few people for a large project i am planning at the moment involving a blog and a few people...
 Also i have had a great idea for a Youtube video and have started to work on that only recently so in a couple of months i may be able to release a interactive Youtube video if all goes to plan...

Summer in the city starts tomorrow and i am looking forward to being in London again, I have always loved London as a place as it is so different from where i live and the atmosphere is just great. If i get to talk to people i shall be posting their links and stuff on a blogpost for the next few weeks so hopefully i can get to speak to as many people as possible.   
Hopefully i could find a few people to get involved with a few projects while i am there as i need to find a music composer or someone who is good with music to create a few sound tracks for a big youtube project next year.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blogging about everything...

A friend of mine was asking me a few questions about his blog a few days ago as he is 2 months in to blogging and already finding it hard to write about his subject of cars...

He went online 2 months ago after i said about my blog and he researched and found many things saying you should stick to one subject or theme and it is easier...

I totally disagree with this as you limit your writing power by picking one theme and sticking to it as you may run out of ideas and not blog as much as you would like... meaning the readers dont get the content that they might expect.

When i started blogging i found not a lot of people blogged about everything and anything as it was a unorganised blog and many people did not read it, but it worked and my blog is close to 4000 views now and i have enjoyed the freedom to write about what i want and to cover topics from around the world.

I sometimes don't blog as i feel like there is no news to blog about but i find that my blog is read by many people for the multitude of topics and subject that in cover so i think having a mixture of different themes can bring in more views and spread a better message to your readers and make more impact on the people involved in all stages of the blog.

If you want to blog... just do it and try to create something you are happy with and not just because the readers want just one thing.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympics are over how did we do?

Olympics Round-up

I was sat reading a lot of articles about how Britain coped and how well we stacked up against world...

The opening ceremony was a journey through history and opened a big atmosphere that kick started the games and made the games a landmark in history, the rich history of British music and displays of many themes opened up the floor for many questions about British history by people around the world but it made a statement to the world that this is Britain and this is the Olympic games everyone is welcome to get involved...

The games themselves were good as everyone that took part was amazing and even if they did not win a medal they will have the memories and the experiences to reflect on for many years to come.
The athletes worked hard for many years and the craftsmanship of the stadiums and the venues used gave the best settings for the athletes to perform at their best.

The closing ceremony was good and the content was slow in parts but after the rock concert that caused London to come alive and celebrate i think the whole thing ended the games in a a truly British fashion that Rio will have to work hard to beat... overall i think the games was a great success and the whole thing will go in to the history books for many years.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Olympics Is Over...

The music is going to close this ceremony in a a big fashion.

Stomp was great and the setting of the stadium reflected a great vibe the cars driving around added fluid movement and pace to the ceremony, The stadium was just magical
As the party started it set the tone for the rest of the evening the energy and atmosphere was vibrant and radiated through the TV. The sea of flags was great it just showed how many countries and people have been involved and how unified everyone is... the athletes walking through the crowd was magical and just perfect the Olympics has made a big leap to bring everyone together.   

Artist                             Verdict
Madness                        Great
Pet Shop Boys               Good
One Direction                Why did you have to lip sync? worst idea ever
Stomp                            Pure perfection
Spellbound                     Not bad
Ray Davis                      Sound was off, did not sound right,shame but was good
Emeli Sande                   Sounded great
Elbow                            Just added a magical element to the entry of the athletes
George Michael              Not the best performance but its not bad
Annie Lennox                 The sound was bad... Turn it up...
Ed Sheeran                    Perfect Performance... great backing band
Russel Brand                  Hippie Drug Bus entrance followed by an acid trip...
Fat Boy Slim                  Best Rave EVER...
Jesse Jay                        Good
Spice Girls                     ...
Beady Eye                     I am going to fall asleep if this goes on and on...  monotone...
ELO                              Perfect
Eric Idle                         Pure perfection, best music of the night, great performance...
Muse                              ...
Queen                            Greatest thing i have ever seen... The stadium rocked until Jesse turned up... 

why was the play list on repeat at the start of the games there should have been more music and no repeats. 
why does the kaiser chiefs come in singing pinball wizard? why not THE WHO...
Queen making a giant Graphic EQ of the stadium was cool, the performance of imagine was amazing and just created a moment to reflect on what has happened at the games
 The volunteers were great the contribution they have given to the games is excellent and they should be proud of there part in history and enjoy the memory's for many years to come. 
Roll on the London 2012 Paralympics should be great to have another great sporting event that will hopefully rival the Olympic games...

The closing of the ceremony with the flame and take that sums up the end of the main Olympics with the  Phoenix and the fireworks just closes another games and opens the doors to Rio to take the games and try to rival great Britain...
Personally i think they will have to do something pretty amazing to rival Britain...

who can beat THE WHO...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog... 

Live for today and learn forever

 School is not the best time in your life, since i have left uni and reflect on my past i see that my 5 years at uni have shaped me more  than any other time period in my life. Through the experiences i have gone through i have found that my blogging and my attitude to life has changed and this is all for the better.

I am in a positive mood today as i have had the realisation of not waiting on others and to live my life to the full, yesterday i was feeling down and in a bad place because of people letting me down and just causing problems but when i woke up this morning i said to myself sod them all why should i work hard to help them out when there not going to do there fair share of the work.

From to day i am my own person who will write about what i want, life life to the full and do more to help others and be the individual i want to be...

You cant live life with regrets as you will always fall in to a never ending cycle, people in my family are going through things and everyone of them are saying they are going in the right direction as they have embraced life and took the opportunity's they have been given.

My advice to anyone that is feeling down is to go and find something that is going to change your life from today be it blogging, sport, photography, travel.... just something that is going to get you that something in lie that we all need.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog

I have started to write a short film and hope to post a small extract soon so watch out over the next few months for a sneak peak...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Positive Blogging can change a life

Blogging can change a life for the better and this blog has changed my life by a large proportion as i have met lots of great people that have made a large impression in my life, the way my blog has been read by thousands of people around the world is just mind blowing.
The way the blogging community has evolved from when i first started to blog upto now has been a large change as the community has grown and the things i have learnt from the many experiences of blogging have served me well in my life.

The Internet is a large place and many people may say blogging and vlogging is totally separate but the community is the same as many creators cross the board and create a blog and videos.
I would never stop blogging as it is a key part of my life and i can not imagine giving up something that defines me as a person,i happy to say i am a blogger and that it is a focal point in my life.

Note: If you ever tell anyone that you blog or are a blogger they sometimes don't understand the concept or the reasons behind your work, you have to create a small description of what you do...

The main point about this post:

Use a blog to spread the word/ help others:

I have seen many videos and read many blogs and the best thing about blogging/vlogging is the the ability to raise awareness of issues and the promotion of charity  and helping others, if you blog and have an audience it is a resources that is helpful to many organisations and can help save lives around the world,
 As a blogger and someone who cares about life and how important life is i would tell people you have the power to help people  even by just giving a small amount of change to a charity you can save a life of one person.

I would like to try an experiment: 

In the comments below (if you want to) finish this statement with your opinion...

 "I give to charity because..."

I would love to start a discussion/ debate in the comments so join in if you want...

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Summer in the city 2012

I was unsuccessful getting tickets to the gig on Friday night and i feel a bit annoyed but i have decided to go for a walk around London instead to soak up the atmosphere and get a few photographs of the the landmarks during the early evening/ night...

I am going to be at the event all 3 days so hope to meet everyone that goes to the indoor and outdoor event,

I managed to get a really good deal on accommodation while i am in London and it is a great idea...

The London school of economics halls of residence is oped up to paying guests over the summer months and the locations for the places are spread across London so you can get a great location, i will be staying near covent gardens when i go down to London and i was surprised to see the prices of the rooms as i have only spent £90 for two nights bed and breakfast, £45 for a night in the centre of London is the cheapest i have ever stayed down there for so if you are looking for accommodation there should be a few rooms left i think.

just thought i would share the information for anyone stuck for accommodation for summer in the city...

website is

Thanks for reading...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Life as a blogger: updated/good advice.

A few years ago i wrote a post about my life as a blogger and my thoughts of how blogging had changed my perceptions and my life.

This is an update and just a post to promote blogging and how to get started/ improve your blogging skills...

Since starting blogging i have never been one of those people who have wanted to be "Internet famous" i have just wanted to write good blog entries for people to read and enjoy, i have spoken to many people about why they got involved in blogging and it always seems to be about 2 things either they want to do it for themselves or they want to do it all for the money and the fame.
It is nice to get payed for blogging but at the end of the day you will never earn big money by just blogging you have to be involved in other activities and be dedicated to your work...

 Start blogging:
I have a few tips for people who want to start blogging and here they are:

1. Write about what YOU want to write about.
2. Research, always research your topic or you may look very stupid when you get something wrong.
3. Start simple,  speak to the community and meet other bloggers.
4. Proof read  everything before posting.
5. Do NOT offend people/ write about certain things in your blog posts, that can cause a lot of problems (i have nearly been sued and its not good)
6. Enjoy yourself.

 Tips for improving blogs:  
1. Redesign a new background each year it keeps the blog looking fresh.
2. Play with the content from time to time it keeps it interesting.
3. Use photos and drawings in your post to add a talking point.
4. Use twitter, Facebook and other social media to your advantage.
5. Collaborate with other bloggers to create new content.
6. Use to expand your audience with like minded people.
7. Question everything 
8. Keep blogging...

Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Future of YouTube: Collaboration

In my last post i said about the state of Youtube and the way the community has changed over the past few years and this is mainly down to the money and the people who want to be "YouTube Famous" but there are still good things about the community as many content providers work in collaboration with friends, family and companies  and the results are always good to see as it creates good content worth viewing.

Summer in the city is arriving to London in the next few weeks and the growth of meet-ups and gatherings are a great thing as it brings together the community and makes new contacts that will help youtube to grow.

I had a message about my last blog post saying this:

"why you hating on the youtube community your just a troll go die in hole you.... (swearing rant)"

(i paraphrased it to save the swearing from polluting this blog post...)
ok so from people like this who send me a message don't seem to realise that this blog is my opinion and that i was stating a clear fact that youtube is a community that is changing  and i can see that the community is changing the for many misguided reasons.
 I have watched many videos and read many blogs stating the same facts and because i state fact that youtube has changed doesn't mean i am a troll or got anything against youtube it is just a clear situation that is unfolding around the Internet community.

Thanks for reading and supporting this blog if you want to get easier access to read my blog post follow this blog and it should be delivered to your inbox or appear your own blogger dashboard. 

leave a comment and maybe start a conversation.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Evolution of Time /Q&A / YOUTUBE

Everything changes around us day to day and our lives can be effected by the smallest change or the largest incident and the only way to get on with life is to carry on living and to adapt to a situation...
We learn the best lessons in life from our own actions and the actions of others that surround us,
i am where i am because of the support of my family and friends and the people and the places in my life and i find that i reflect on my past and can see the lessons i have learnt and adapt to my surroundings accordingly because of my life experiences.

The Internet is a place were i feel that i can talk about everything and use my blog as a tool to document my experience so if someone looks for help and support in there life or a solution to a problem they may have they may find that by reading my blog it may let them know that they are not alone in their problems and offer them a solution or some new line of thinking to help them out.

I was asked a question by a Friend who doesn't know much about blogging why i have so many ads on my page?
Many of my readers and other people would say i am doing this for money and to just be greedy but i don't...
The reasons for the ads are so if i earn any money off my adsense (which i haven't had much) i can improve the blog and to fund small projects such as competitions and to be able to keep blogging that is the reason for all the ads... simple...

He also asked why have i never uploaded on youtube?
 At the moment the youtube community has been hit with a craze of people trying to become "YouTube Famous" i don't believe in this as the whole key to youtube is to make videos if you want to make videos.
The other thing about the community is the there are no unique videos anymore as everyone tries to jump on the bandwagon and do the same old stuff just like everyone else...  I want to make videos and to bring some kind of essence/style from my blog to the youtube community but until i am ready to bring something meaningful and constructive to the community i wont be uploading a video.

Please leave a comment about your thoughts on youtube and we could start a debate or conversation... maybe..

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog...

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Over 3000 views

After checking my stats recently i found that my blog has over 3000 pageviews...
When I first started blogging I never thought that I would have reached that many people worldwide with my blog, I hope to do a special edition blog entry to celebrate but will have to do that another day as i am busy on some project work...

On Saturday I attended a car boot sale as a seller to raise some money for my trip to London and my trip to Inverness. I was very happy with the result of the day and might start a small business stall at the local car boot market after the success of the event.

Summer in the city is only a few weks away and I cant wait to meet the community and hopefully find my way in to vlogging and improving this blog for my readers.

Thank you for supporting my blog and reading my blog posts...