Friday, 27 July 2012

Welcome to london

From the dawn of the English country side to the rise in the industrial revolution to the the unity of the Olympic games...

Highlights include:
James bond meets the real queen of England and who can say they hate the queens corgis
followed by  epic helicopter flight over London followed  by James Bond  & the Queen jumping out a helicopter

Mike Oldfield & Great Ormond Street Hospital segment  was great and atmosphere livened up and told a great story, j.k. Rowling was a good guest and  and the dream like world created was great and the use of classic characters throughout such as Mary Poppins, the child catcher and the classic view of the NHS staff made a great show segment. Chariots of fire was a moving segment and Rowan Atkinson was just brilliant the comedy just transported my mind back to the old comedies i use to watch with my parents, the cinematography was just perfect on the beach scene and i thought the segment was a good representation of our comedy past.

Why did they use a new mini (we all know they are made in Germany by BMW) they should have used an OLD ENGLISH MINI... 

The digital age representation was  great and the British music used was a good look into the way Britain has grown with music throughout the key moments of our lives supplied by artists such as:
Eric Clapton, The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark 5, Showaddywaddy, David Bowie, Queen,  Johnny Rotten, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Eurythmics, Amy Winehouse, Petshop Boys, Bee Gees and the many others,
Plus the inventor of the World Wide Web:  Tim Berners-Lee (Thank You So Much...)
The videos along with the music was great and the lighting was great and added so much to the show, the videos were great and show so much of Britain in what we offer to the world as a country.

I played the usual game of guess the flag before they announce the country name... you should try it its fun...
The music played as the teams entered the stadium was great as it gave a energetic feel to the show but the thing that i liked the most was the moments of silence as it showed much respect for the people that are no longer with us, the whole ceremony included everyone and tried to incorporate all walks of life. Overall the story telling elements of the ceremony was magical and made a great show to rival the past Olympics.

The whole show was perfect and shows what Britain can do...

The beacon was the most graceful and beautiful thing i have ever seen, the beacon is the focal point to unify the world and to showcase the industry's of Britain.
I just think the ceremony was a great explosion of the best representation of Britain and the whole event was the just a magical thing to watch.


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Finding the lost things in life

Recently i was looking through some of my storage boxes and found my old notebook and calenders after looking through my notes in the book i realised how much i have accomplished over the past few years.

The notebook was something i bought to help start planning my time out and i slowly filled it with plans for holidays, tasks and places to visit and as i read the book i thought back over my last few years at university and my life in general and am happy to say i am where i want to be and hope to keep living my life the way i want to.

A major lesson in life that i always follow is to stay positive and to work hard to gain as much out of life as possible.

I can't wait to visit London and summer in the city as i think it will be a great event to meet people and gain ideas for this blog to improve it.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Good music and great night

I was working last night at a gig.

The gig was interesting as the span of music ranged over many genres and the atmosphere was chilled.

I have a cool blog idea I just need to look in to it and see if it could work.

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Working From Home

I have had jobs in the past and enjoyed the experiences that came along with the responsibilities but when i decided to become self employed and work from home i found that my life became easier.

there are many benefits for people who work for a company as you know that you will have money regularly and have some security in a job.
But working from home is a difficult thing as you are always balancing money as you never know where the next lot of money will come from. my main job is blogging, writing and creative design which allows me to be flexible on hours and work on projects which suits my style of work.

I would recommend blogging to everyone as it is a good way to release your views and to make life more interesting as you try to do more for your content to make it better.

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Half the day gone

The last post i did was sat as a draft for a few days so only posted it today.
But i have managed to sleep better as i am getting around 6 hours sleep which is perfect for me...

Until today when I spent most of Saturday and Sunday on steam playing portal 2 and other games and when i went to bed at 2:30am i thought i would start to read my book for half hour and fall asleep only to not fall asleep until 7am it is now 4pm and i have only just got up...

 I have wasted my day and and hate the fact i could have got stuff done so from now i am not going to be drinking anything after 10pm not using a computer after 11pm and i am going to be sorting out my sleep pattern for good as i am annoyed with myself at this moment in time.

I have been reading about sleep techniques and looking at how to sort out my sleep pattern so once i have tried them and and know they work i will make a blog post about them...

The plan is to start making a blog post each day again soon as there are a load of cool events happening in the next few months so a daily blog will star again soon. 

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Recently my life has changed as I transition from student life in to a work pattern and it is going well I am finding myself dealing with new challenges and working to make Blue 5 Design run smoothly.
In this process I have fallen in to a trap were I can't sleep as i find I can't switch off and more creative in the early hours of the morning...
I am use to having 6 to 8 hours of sleep but in the past few weeks I have only had around 3 to 4 hours or slept heavy and sleeping in till 10am...
So it is time to fix it...
Starting with a daily walk and a cardiovascular workout in the morning around 9:30
Followed by some web design until 12ish
Afternoon will consist of blogging, editing and project work.
Hopefully this might give me some routine and improve my sleep pattern.

I have been waking up around 8am-9am but the lack of sleep means that some days my productivity has been nonexistent which means i am having ggod days and bad days but hopefully i can get some routine in my day and get some more content made for the websites and make some youtube videos.

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer in the city

I shall be attending the summer in the city Youtube gathering in London this year and hope to create a few videos based around the event.
Traveling and staying in London is always a great experience and I love the city for its pace of life and the atmosphere  that you get from the center of london,  I will be traveling down on the friday and attending the event everyday so I hope to meet everyone there.

I want to find out if any of my readers or twitter followers are going so if you are leave a comment and tell me what you are most looking forward to at summer in the city 2012

I am hoping to get some videos on Youtube soon... so please subscribe to my channel to support me... please...

Thanks for reading and i hope to get some great content made over the next few weeks...

Until next time...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New Blog page

 Hi Everyone

So I have re-branded one of my old blog pages as it was old and tired and decided to start posting photos on there so if you are interested take a look (click the link below).

 My Photo Blog

This is just temporary for a few weeks as i plan to make a more professional page ready for my trips to london and Scotland were I hope to expand my database of pictures...

leave comments and follow my blogs so you dont miss out on the content that i will be posting over the next few months...

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Big Update

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this post to update you all about a few projects I have planned and am currently working on:

1. Project Animation 101
I am making an animation for Youtube and hope to release it before going to summer in the city so stay tuned for future posts about this project. 

2. Project Book 101
Writing has always been a big part of my life and after all this time i want to write a book so i might share a page or two on here and see what the community think so watch out for that if you don't want to miss out you can follow my blog by using the tool on the side bar of the main page. 

3. Vlogging/ Blogging
I am going to be doing a vlog very soon so watch out on my Youtube page and subscribe so you don't miss out, its going to be similar to this blog with reviews, updates and just general conversation.
Also i am going to be putting a blog post up on a weekly basis that will hopefully grow to become a blog post each day later on in the year.

My Youtube Page

4. Project Web Design
The Web Design business is slow at the moment so if you want a web page click the link below. we offer some great packages and give a great service for everyone.

Blue 5 Design
Blue 5 Design Facebook

5. Project Summer in the City
I will be attending summer in the city in London this year and hope to make some connections down in London as i am planning a collaboration with other bloggers and writers to create a new project next year so if you are going to summer in the city in London (17th-19th august 2012) leave a comment below.  

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