Sunday, 30 December 2012

Here comes the new year...

Its nearly the end of 2012 and i have been thinking back over the past year and i cant believe that i have accomplished so much this year.
Here's a run down of my blog online history of the year:

1. My blog has grown at a major rate and i am getting roughly 50 page views a day and i have passed 13000 page views on this blog alone.
2. I released a time lapse video on to my you tube channel that has had 25 views which i am very happy about and it has spared me on to make a new video each month now.
3. My games blog has been left neglected but i hope to bring that back in the early part of next year but it is still getting views and comments on some of the old server stuff.
4. Project 365 planning is going well and it should be on schedule.
5.  this year has been better than ever for content on the blog and i hope to top that next year.

My plans for 2013:

1. Blog at least once a week on this blog.
2. Run project 365 for the year and not give up.
3. Improve my gaming setup on my main computer so i can do more gaming related posts
4. Get my new camera ready for summer
5. Be more active in the online community

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the past year and kept this blog going and i hope to bring you better content next year and run a few competitions for my readers.

 Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

That Special Time of Year.

I have always enjoyed Christmas time and new years as it is one of them times of year were all the family get together and have a laugh Christmas eve and Christmas day is a great day especially when we have the family round for the day and have a traditional Christmas meal, or the small family gathering with light snacks.

This year i was going to blog on Christmas day but i was so busy spending times with family and friends i did not get chance to turn on the laptop.
I am hoping to get my new camera soon as i have seen the price drop recently so i will hopefully get that before February and then that will be used for my projects i have planned for summer.

The past few days have been eventful and i have enjoyed this Christmas break and i am nearly ready to get on with the projects next year. For the past few weeks i have been thinking about a few things and i have decided i am going to try to make at least one video per month next year as i have had a good response on my last time lapse video i did.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and enjoyed themselves, i hope to blog before the new year so check back in a day or two for that post.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Family Gathering for Christmas Eve.

Today is Christmas eve and i have spent the day with family and getting ready for Christmas day.

The morning was spent taking my nan to hospital for a check up then my afternoon was spent sorting out everything for the evening as we had my dads family round for a small party.

So i will be blogging soon for Christmas day so hope you read my posts over the next few days.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Issues with Guns

Over the past week or so everyone around the world would have heard the news about the school shooting in America and it is sad news that makes everyone see a major change needs to happen in America as this should not happen again.
My thoughts go out to the families and friends of everyone who has been affected by this tragedy and i do not wish to comment too much in this post about the shooting as there are plenty of other places on the Internet to read about about it.

The main goal of this post is to talk about what has happened to the American culture and the way guns have affected too many American lives. thousands of people each year die due to gun crime in America and the government just sits by letting it happen and not doing the right thing and protecting its citizens by putting through strict gun laws.
Guns used in property protection make up a small number of shootings and many more deaths could be stopped if the American government would make it safer for everyone.

I feel that i cant really comment too much on this matter as i do not live in America and it is up to the American government to sort it out but i have a few ideas about what they could do:

1. Ban on all assault riffles.
2. Stricter guidelines and testing for people who want to own a gun.
3. Higher taxes on all weapons that will go to the government to help in gun education and training
4. Limit people to only owning 2 weapons.
5. People should have to pay a yearly fee of above $5000 for the privilege to own a gun.

These are just some ways that guns could be regulated and raise more money to help organisation who could stop tragedies like this in the future.   

I hope to see some change in gun laws and hope that gun violence and gun related deaths can be prevent in the future as it is always depressing to see people being killed by guns and a government just sits by and let these things happen.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas

Its nearly Christmas and you may be stuck for ideas for gifts but fear not for i have a selection of gifts that are perfect for this special time of year.

My first gift idea is perfect for that person who loves the outdoors: 

Scotland Watercolour 2013 Calendar by Paul Pacey
This is the perfect gift for the people who love the outdoors as the calender captures some the best watercolour scenes of Scotland. I would highly recommend this to anyone:
Scotland Watercolour 2013 Calendar

My second gift idea is perfect for that person who loves technology:

Blue lounge Cabledrop
These are the greatest things ever, if you have a desk or ever have cables that need to be kept in place these are the best product you can get for the job.
Bluelounge Cabledrop

My third gift is perfect for the people who are gamers:

Razer-Deathadder 2013
The Razer mouse range is great the quality, plus the whole range is perfect for most gaming situations as well as everyday use, the new 2013 mouse looks great is is said to be better than its older brother so if you need a new mouse go with this one.
Razer Deathadder Mouse

My forth gift is is for the person who has everything:

Charity Donation
Donate some money to a charity in their name or buy a gift that will help someone somewhere around the world. I have put a link below to a charity that is one of the causes that help children to have better lives.
Save the Children

I hope this has helped some people to get some ideas and everyone has a great holiday.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

People are Stupid/ The Internet Truth

The Christmas videos are in full swing and nearly every other video in the subscription box is a person plugging merchandise for their brand.

Anyone who sells merchandise is on to a really winner as it is one the best revenue streams for a  content creator on the Internet, many people will argue that goggle adsense will bring you mega money but this is only true for some of the more well known people on the Internet.

You tube is full of people creating content everyday and making new videos for the viewers to enjoy and i respect any content creators for creating some the best series and shows on the Internet,
The one thing that seems to annoy me about a large proportion of the community especially on you tube is that they think they can spend several hours a day online watching free content ad blocking the advertisements. But then have the nerve to complain when a content creator is trying to sell a t-shirt or merchandise just so they can carry on creating content which is bigger and better.

These content creators don't just spend several hours a day creating videos and blogs Online for just the viewers, These content creators need to make money so they can eat and support their families. People who go through life expecting all this content they watch to be free are just stupid... if advertising and merchandise was not a thing the Internet would not be what it is today and these content creators would not exist as they would have to work in a 9-5 job for a large corporation who screws them out of a rightful and well deserved wage.

The Internet is a platform for business and the websites such as blogs and you tube are place were creative content creators are making money so they can survive and live a life plus create bigger and better content for YOU...

If you want to support content creators on any websites follow these steps;

1. Turn off ad block and sit through an ad its only like you would if you were watching TV.

2. The ads on pages are there to support the content creators and to show you new products that might appeal to you don't just dismiss them.

3. If you like a content creator and they have a store buy a t-shirt or something to show support for them.

4. Re tweet and share people work to help grow audiences and communities so the creators can improve and make better content.

5. Leave constructive feedback on peoples work so they can improve and create more content in the future.

6. Subscribe and follow creators as this helps them see their audiences as more than a number on screen and content can be shaped to better suit the audiences.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.    

Friday, 7 December 2012

websites, updates and rage

My first blog of December 2012...

You Tube one of the best video sites on the Internet has decided to evolve and change the user interface again and in my opinion it looks better and the layout makes more logical sense.

The quick links to be able to look up subscription videos and the option to view videos in a cleaner layout is good and the the used of the clean lines and easy to identify buttons means it is better for the millions of users that visit the site everyday.

I was looking through a few videos made by a few big you tubers and reading a few comments from people and it seems many people do not like change and want the old you tube layout back...
The new layout is easier to understand and it seems to promote more videos and related content due to the  new update by you tube. The user interface is a lot cleaner and seems more professional in looks compared to the older layouts and the clear labels on the buttons are a nice touch with the red highlights on the menus.
 The funny thing about the Internet community is that many people do not like changes to the services they use but at the end of the day if it was not for the newer designs and the constant updates we would still be living with slow loading websites and the lack of content.

The problem i have with some of the Internet communities are that they expect the people running websites and businesses to change for them but at the end of the day goggle and you tube is a free service and a community and if the community wants to have a Tailor made service they should understand that they would have to pay for it... if you tube changes their website so it is better and people leave comments and feedback for future ideas and general thoughts that is good it means the community can grow and improve.
But there is no need for people to talk shit about the website that they get for free... these comments such as you tube is ruined are uncalled for as these people do not leave any reasons why it is ruined....

With anything web based it is always changing and growing and the feed back these companies get help to shape future products but these companies would be able to deliver a better service if people actually engaged brain before typing a comment that is uncalled for.

question time;

What do you think to the new you tube layout? And how would you improve it?

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. 

Friday, 30 November 2012

Why we create things

I am a creative person and i recently i was thinking about a few projects and a question was raised by 2 people i was working with and we had a great conversation...

Why do we create things? what drives us to keep creating new content?

After thinking about why i create things i have come to a few conclusions i think everyone is motivated for different reasons and creative people need to use there skills to be more positive and productive, I was thinking back over the past few months about the times where i have not been creating new things and these times are always points in my life where i feel unhappy or stressed out. In my personal opinion i think i am the sort of person who has to stay productive and create things or i feel that i am not in the best frame of mind plus i am not the best person to be around when i am in a bad mood so this is why i have a need to be creative and to make things so i can be happier about myself.

I have always been the sort of person who is not driven by money as my main goal as i think that kind of mentality can be bad and cause issues in a persons life. The creative mind is always thinking and creating new ideas and adapting projects to be able to work better and this is why creative people are driven to work and to make things happen. My blog started as outlet for my bottled up ideas and thoughts and over the past few years it has grown through many phases and become a resource for looking back at my past and seeing myself grow as a person and become who i am.

One issue i have found from the past few years is that being creative can become small problem when you can't shut down and you can't stop thinking about ideas, this is also why i am a gamer as i find playing games for an hour or so each week seems to balance myself out and i can lose myself for an hour and not have to stress out about work...

I ultimately create things because i like to make things and my daily activities help to balance my creativity easily as i am always doing something such as blogging, writing, designing, drawing and just creating ideas and new projects to work on.

I hope this blog post has given people something to think about and to write something about their creativity and their work.

Thanks for reading and supporting my work. 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

No time for trolls...

You Tube:
I am addressing a comment from a conversation that ticked me off...
But here's the short version of the conversation...

"You only started you tube to make money your video was crap leave you tube now your not welcome..."

Here is my stance on the situation:

I value all opinions and views from everyone, thank you for taking time to think about my work and take time out of your own day to give some feedback.

I decided to start uploading to you tube to help improve my video skills and to share some of my work and my photography hobby, I monetised the video so if any money was raised (which i was not expecting anything to be honest) i would invest it in to my future work to help improve my content for people to enjoy it...
There are enough money grabbing people in this world already and I'm not joining the long line and becoming just another Internet sheep churning out the same content and exploiting my viewers and readers... People who start you tube fall in to two categories;

The money hungry attention seekers 
The creative people who want to share their views and their work.

The Internet is full of good content but over time it has just become a larger community recycling the same ideas, but the Internet has evolved to the point where everyone can have their say and air their opinions...

At the end of the day i am a blogger, writer, web designer, artist and many other things.
You can think what you want about me and my work as it is your right as a human being, if you comment on my work i will most likely comment back and check out your website, videos or blogs and try to leave a comment on your work as feedback.

Any feedback on any work is the key to understanding more about your audience and expanding on your work. to help improve for the future... 

Thanks for reading and supporting my work.    

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Youtube Plans

I have not done any work on my you tube channel until a few weeks ago as i have had several projects that have taken over my time for the past few months but now i am going to start making small time lapse videos for my channel. Don't expect anything to too spectacular as i my camera equipment is limited but i am going to try to make a video at least every two weeks...

I have been watching some great time lapse videos online and i am wanting to make something as good as them or better if i can... But to be honest there are not a whole lot of great places to time lapse in my home town so i have started to plan a few places to visit next year and by then i hope to have a better camera...

One thing i have come to realise is that when you have spent time in a creative space such as a university it makes you always want to create and learn more to keep your mind active and to keep your skills sharp this is one of many reasons why i set up a web design company with a friend and also do a lot of graphic design and other design work, the funny thing i have also come to realise is that after spending 5 years of study for technical theatre and stage management i have learnt a lot more about myself and about how my skills learnt at university can be applied to everyday situations and work sectors.

I could have started you tube along time ago but in my time at university and the last few months i have found that it is only now that i have found a hobby in time lapse photography and learning more about photography in general...  I think the ultimate point of this post is trying to say  is

Learning is a process and as we journey through life we go from project to project and create a catalogue of work so we can look back in years to come and see our achievements in life and ultimately you tube is a platform for creative people to express their work.

I hope you subscribe to my you tube channel and support my videos as much as you have supported this blog.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog 



Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Office

Over the past few weeks i have been sorting out a few things and i now have an office space in the house to escape to and to just work in when i need to sort out business stuff and to blog.

Here's a picture of my new office space:

I have needed a place to escape too recently as my main computer downstairs is in one of the busiest rooms in the house so my new office is my new work space for when the downstairs computer room is being used.

Maybe next year i might move the main computer up to the office once i have a new desk and got the rest of the room sorted out. plus i need to get the office wired up to connect to the Internet...

Have you seen my new time lapse video on you tube? if not here's the link below:

London time lapse 2012

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

My London Time Lapse

 I have been away for the weekend and been in London and Bath.

While i was in London i decided to test mess around with my camera and made a few time lapse videos with my camcorder, the quality is not that good but please leave some feedback... 

 my video

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

The best concert i have seen ever...

Anyone who knows me will know that i love classical music and opera. The concert I went to see at the O2 Arena was by one of the best classical artist of our day the one and only Andrea Bocelli,

The music:
Andrea Bocelli was on top form singing out pure pitch perfect notes all night, the support acts were great and some of the voices were crystal clear,
The support acts were great and some of the talent was amazing. Just to show how talented these people are i have included a few links bellow:

CARisMA (guitar duo): Website Youtube

Svetla Vassileva (soprano): Website

British Philharmonic Orchestra: Website

Rebecca Ferguson: Website

RebeccaFerguson: youtube

Div4s: youtube

The technical review:

The lighting was used nicely throughout the performance adding nice depth and a dynamic feel to the stage creating a great sense of story and narrative. The colours used in the performance gave a good connection of the mood and feelings that were relevant the songs and the context and origins of the performances they came from.

The show was a good mixture of songs from the classic operas through to some of Andrea bocelli classic songs that have helped home rise to fame around the world as one of the best opera singers.
The sound setup was perfect and it sounded good throughout the whole performance. The sound was amazing on two occasions when the whole stage was in perfect harmony the orchestra was playing, the choir was singing out in to the whole of the venue while Andrea held on the best notes I have heard. The whole evening sounded great and the technical team were amazing.

The audio visual was one of the best examples of supporting the show with use of stunning videos flying through amazing scenery to the clever use of cameras moving around the stage picking up amazing live video from inside the orchestra area.
The audio visual effects and mixing was possible the best I have ever seen in a performance and the way the screens were used were great as i added so much more to the performance.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.  

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Strange Goings On... Blog update

I have not checked on the blog for a few days as i have been busy sorting out a few things ready for launching a new project next month...

As i logged on i found  that there was a spike in the views yesterday and there was a post with a video link... i did not post this so i think the blog may have broken temporally but it is all sorted out now...

So back to the reason behind this blog post. I feel like i should give all my readers a update about December and my projects planned for next year.

In the past i have wanted to make videos but when i comes down to the point of uploading them i stop myself as i feel that it is not good enough... I have said i will upload a video for my 10000 page views target for this blog but i have had an idea instead which will be better,

I have been keeping track of this blog since the start and i have decided that i am going to make a video that charts the journey of my blog from start up to the end of this year...

I will release it at the end of the year and will run a competition to go with it to reward my readers that have supported my blog from the start.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Blogging Milestone

Its official... my blog has hit over 10200 page views, I am proud of my blog and how it has changed and adapted over the past 2 years.
 I started this blog on the 28th august  2010 as a project to help vent my creativity and to connect with a wider group of people I decided to blog and one thing that everyone seemed to say was you should have a set topic and a blog with an aimed audience in mind... I took the advice and decided to go it alone and write a blog that was about everything and anything...

My life changed the day I started to blog as i found an outlet for my creativity and started to connect with people around the world plus look at everyday situations in a different light and learn great life lessons.
I started my blog from scratch, I made an online persona of kvlog101, I took my experiences from life and put them out in to the world to help people and to release my mind to work in a better way. This blog is like a part of my brain were I put all the memories, lessons I have learnt, my stress and it is mainly a place to help me clear my head so I can get on with my life and not let everything build up.

This blog has become a big part of my life and it has helped to shape unlikely friendships, learn new things, cope with difficult times in my life, help other people cope with problems and share my view on life and to document a time in my life were I have accomplished some of my greatest work this day, I have gone through some of my most memorable experiences ranging from university to my own personal progression.

I feel I can give some great advice and share some great lessons that people could take away and apply to their own work and create a successful blog so here are a few tips, tricks and thinks that may help...

1. Proof read everything before posting.
2. When you are writing you should try to set a time each week to develop ideas for you blog to keep it fresh
3. Change the background to something relevant to you blog so people can make a connection to your work.
4. Do not give out personal details about yourself or others as you never know who will be reading.
5. Enjoy yourself and write about what you think is relevant and try to make your blog posts clear and easy to understand. 

I hope people can gain a few tips from my work and to get blogging or to improve their blogs as it is a great thing to do...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dependent on the internet

A few days ago twitter exploded with tweets about tumblr being down and it was clear to see that many people on the Internet can not cope if they do not  have access to certain social media sites.

It was sad to see that people were actually lost without their tumblr pages... many comments followed the same line of thought and you could genuinely see that people were stressing out over a small problem.
The more people use websites and feel that they need to use these sites shows that social media is an addiction and it is unhealthy to a very alarming point.

The moment someone does not know what to do with themselves if a website is down is shocking, I have seen this also with game servers and forums were they go down for maintenance  and people are at a loss and lose all function of themselves.

We are all wired in to the Internet 24/7 it is scary to think that with out it that some members of society can't function without their daily fix...

People need to realise that the Internet is not full proof and all online services are all ways going to have down time... People also need to not get so attached to their social media as it could be seen as an addiction.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Changing trends: My view on the internet

I was having a conversation with a few friends about how the Internet has evolved and changed over the past few years and how people can have "Internet fame" for a time and then disappear off the face off the earth, we talked for a good few hours and made a few observations about how people can just disappear from the lime light.

Looking back on the past few years the Internet goes through phases were a website or social network is popular for a time then the popularity dies off over time, if you look at how popular myspace use to be and the amount of people that use to use the service it was a good website but as more things came along such as facebook and other services myspace numbers plummeted and it was thrown to the scrap heap.
If you look at how trends come and go you see patterns and find that the community can move quickly between services, facebook has always been on the verge of losing the community as it has changed over the past year or so and there will be another website that will inevitably take over in the next few years. If you look at some of the more popular services today you can see that there has been a boom in the community and websites such as reddit and tumblr are going strong but just over the horizon there are other websites just waiting to take over.

To keep at the top of the community a website has to be updating and improving all the time and proving its worth to keep going, major changes to any service have always gone one of two ways, you will find the community embrace the changes or reject them and leave. Many youtubers today use the classic combination of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to engage the community but if one of these services were to go these content creators can have a hard time. But if a youtuber own a website with a registered domain you can find it easier as people have a central hub were they know they can find you.

Blogging  is always coming under fire and people say that blogging  is dying but I think that blogging  is going to a major factor in the internet for many years to come as the possibilities  that are available can be used for many uses such as photography, video, business, advice, stories, publication and many more uses.

I have established a blog that is read by nearly 70 people a day and coming close to 10000 page views through hard work, dedication, determination and constant stream of support from the community, this blog has changed my life for the better and I can say hand on heart that i would be unhappy if I had to stop. I feel my blog is a open source that i can use to express myself and to inform people of important and useful information, I find that my blog has helped me to grow as a person and to approach my life from a better way by being more open minded and to see a situation in a clearer way rather than just viewing it all in a black and white fashion and being bias towards a train of thought.

The internet is a place for people to talk and communicate and to make friends, it is a place to learn new things and to find out more about life outside you front door or even your own country, the internet gives us freedom to travel the world and experience different cultures all from an arm chair or sofa in you your own living room.
The internet is a gift of life to everyone it is a tool that can be used to enhance life and to encourage learning.

As the internet evolves it takes us on a journey and we learn a whole lot about our own life and about others around us, I consider the internet to be the best resource for learning and communication with people you would never have normally met, the fact you can talk to relatives and friends on the other side of the world like they are in the same room as you just goes to show the good qualities of the internet.

To conclude this post I leave you with a thought:
As the internet evolves we move along with it going on to the next great products and services and we grow as people who are more informed than many of the past generations that have come before us.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Project ideas:

I was thinking about new projects and i have had an idea that i will try next week...

I am going to take a piece of paper and a pen and write/ draw and just use the paper every day for the week then upload a photo at the end of the week to this blog i will call it: 1 Page, 1 week, 1 Pen.

This is going to be a test for a bigger project i am going to do next year were i will buy a blank book and use a page for everyday of the year and then post a film of the book to youtube at the end of the year.
 Which will be called 1 Book in 1 Year. 

It will be a small glimpse of my changing moods and attitudes through the year plus will be a good thing to accompany my 365 photo project i also have planned...

 Code-name: Project 365 

I am getting more involved in photography at the moment and will be making a few time lapse videos over the next few months, plus i will be making more use of my main camera ready for the big projects i have planned next year. 

I am also trying this new google affiliate ads thing on this post to see what it is all about... 

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.  


Monday, 22 October 2012

Graduation Day

It was always going to be an end of a chapter in my life and last Friday it arrived in a great day...

It was my second time graduating and i found that this year it was better as i can look back over the past 5 years were i have accomplished 3 courses (Btec, Foundation degree) at hull college and i can finally look at my final degree B.A Hons in Technical Theatre and Stage Management.

I have finally completed my college and university studies and am in the world of work, i have got to the point in my life were my official eduction years are over and i look back at the student debt i have amounted and the work i will have to find to pay it back...
The difficult part about the job hunt is the fact there are no jobs in the area at the moment so that's a small problem. 
I would give this piece of advice to anyone who is stuck for work... make your own job and work for yourself it is the best thing you could ever do.

I will be blogging in the next week or so as it will be my birthday... plus i have a trip to London soon so will blog about that...

thanks for reading and supporting my blog

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Creative Energy

Over the past few months i have found that my creativity has been down as i have been so busy, this lead to me changing a few things in my life and make my life easier.

Sleep Pattern:
I have finally fixed my sleep pattern after 2 years of messing up my body clock and by fixing a sleep pattern i have found myself feeling like i am in a better frame of mind, my productive has gone up and my creativity is a lot better plus my design work is better.
I have started to wake up at around 6am which gives me plenty of time in the morning to get on with work meaning i have a full afternoon to work on other projects plus to do any other design work that is needed for the day,

In the last 2 weeks i have started to drink less coffee as i have worked out that that was the reasons for my sleep pattern being inconsistent plus on an average day i was drinking nearly 7 cups of coffee (way too much).
So i have cut down on my coffee intake that has made it easier to work more and relax more.

I have got involved on more project work and my extra time i have is great as i am getting a lot of planning done ready for next year plus i have made a few changes to a few things so blogging will be more of a major part of my life next year.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. 

Friday, 12 October 2012

A British View on American Politics

I am British and I am a blogger therefore my time is spent looking at many news story's and situations from around the world and over the past month or so I have been watching many videos and reading a lot of coverage from the presidential campaigns in the USA and here's a few things I have observed:

America is huge melting pot of misinformation...

The amount of people that put out their opinions and make statements about politics to wide audiences about non-facts and wrong information is scary people listen to their subscriptions on YouTube and take the word of them people and do not research the facts and the truth. Over the past few months i have seen many videos and blog by American citizens making some silly comments and not understanding the basic framework of the presidential campaigns...

One major thing that i do not agree with is the use of religion in politics, the way that peoples faith can make them vote in such a way that they could blindly listen to there pastors and their church and just vote because of how the church says they should vote. This can lead to a leader that will cut funding to major services that keep people safe, it takes money away from education and programs to help people, it even leads to people losing health care which is vital to their survival.

The things I have read, the sound bits and videos i have seen seem to show the republican party as a money grabbing self preserving group of people who wish to take away the health care and cut programs and essential services that in truth only take up 0.12% of the money that the government spend.

I read on many websites about the war in Iraq and wars that involve America and if a country can afford to spend 8 trillion dollars on a war and put more money to the development of tanks and  make more tanks when there is a overlarge surplus of tanks sat in storage all around the USA just show that America has got a problem...
Any country that spends unimaginable amounts on money killing people in war in other countries and can't even afford to give a stable health care system to its own citizens is not using the money wisely.

I read articles about Obama care and look at how it is saving lives and and giving people the chance to get a good deal with their health care and making it easier for them to survive but when Mitt Romney can stand up and say i am going to cut the service to save some money just goes to show that he does not care about the working class and the people in America who need Obama care to live a better life.

The fact the republican party can say that abortion is wrong and make life difficult for the people of American is
wrong... the funny thing about how the republican party hold themselves is great as there are story's of republican candidates forcing their mistresses to get abortions when they have cheating on their wives... The way these "elite" people thing is funny as it is one rule for them and everyone else has to live both other rules...

The Republican party is showing that corruption is alive and kicking as the bills that Mitt Romney would pass would give several Millions of dollars worth of tax cuts to the very rich top end investors that are funding his campaign... the only way to do that is to shit on the working class and screw the economy for his own personal gain...

As an outsider i read many sources and find alot of information that shows the American people are not as informed as they should be and being fed rubbish by news and peole around them which will lead them to vote in such away that the wrong people will gain power and take America apart for their own benefit. 

Look more in depth and you see that not everything to see is truth and people will bend the truth to gain more power...

 Thanks for reading and supporting the blog 

Leave a comment below and we can make a conversation and look at what American politics means to you...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ideas for the future and plans for now.

I have been trying to find new ideas for my blog for the past few weeks and trying to blog more but seem to have drained the creative battery...

But just now at 02:02 in the morning my brain has switch on and i have a few great ideas for a project or two I am going to start next year,

Project 1:
An idea I have seen done before but like the concept behind it as it would get me using my camera more or maybe buy a new Digital SLR camera...
Starting on 01/01/13 I will upload a photograph to a blog meaning I get to be creative with some photos and document a small part of my life in the sense of where i travel and what i see along the way.

Project 2:
Launch a new branch of blue 5 design... more details to be released at a later date...

Project 3:
This is going to a big project were I am going to get the community involved... its going to be a large project that will take a few months of planning but it will all be clear next year...

I am going to blog more over the next few weeks as there are a few big events happening, 1. Graduation 2. Birthday 3. Short break in November plus a few more things if all goes to plan.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Internet curse

I have found that recently with the blogging I have held back a few things as i have got to the point were it is too easy to find my blog online, I am working on several graphic design projects that are raising problems and i am having to stop myself from logging about how I am getting worked up about how people seem to keep causing problems...

I keep asking myself why can't the working conditions be as simple as the web design stuff I am doing at the moment but I just have to put up with it.

My blog has become more public and i am having to censor my posts to keep certain parties happy and to keep my graphic design work going, I have seen this happen to many YouTubers that I watch and some that I know well through the community encounter the same problems were they have to limit there videos to keep employment or to save future job prospects.

I do not think of this blog as a big presence on the web but I am encountering a large rise in readers each day and finding that as i grow as a blogger and my work as a designer grows as well I am having to find a balance were I have to stop my blog from ruining my job that I have made for myself.
As the Internet grows bigger more people are in contact with the world and it means one statement you make could cause a problem for you later down the line. You could write something and delete it later but it is still read by people and stored. So one tip for everyone: be careful what you write or say on the Internet, you never know who may see it...
Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blogging Equipment.

 I have been blogging for a few years now and really on good quality products to make my job easier and to make life simple.
To start blogging all you need is a computer and a good source of events plus a little bit of imagination and you can blog about anything you wish but when you start to blog more and more it is best to get a few good tools to help with your work. here are a few bits of tech that help me with my blogging:

1. Acer Aspire 5733 Laptop
A good laptop for photo editing, video editing, blogging and general use.

2.Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800
The Microsoft set is great for typing and for gaming and the quality of the product is one of the best i have used in a while. 

3. Olympus digital voice recorder VN-7800PC
This Little beast is great for when your interviewing people for a blog post and  use when recording audio for videos the quality is good and the price is cheap considering the age of the thing.

4.Motorola xoom Tablet PC
My greatest purchase in a long time and i would recommend any of the Motorola tablets as they are built to a good specification, i use this practically every day as it is such a great product when you are on the move. 

5.Toshiba Camileo S20
this camera is great when you are out and about and the hd quaility is good i have made several films with this camera and the features you get  such as time-lapse and slowmotion is great for the £100 price tag.

So heres a few tools i use for my blog what tools do you use to make your blogging experience better?

 Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Time Lapse Photography

I have always had an interest in photographs and video and i was messing around with my camera only to find that i can create time lapse photography really easily so have been looking in to how to make it better.

I am travelling to a few places in the next few months and plan to time lapse some stuff if i get chance...

After a few weeks of work i am starting to use my Flycam Nano more now as it has been sat doing nothing for a few months now so i hope to create a few videos soon with the Flycam and get a few time lapse collections together so i can use my youtube channel more. The next few weeks are going to be busy with website design and with a few projects i have planned i am going to be blogging more as i have a few things planned that i went to share with the readers of this blog.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Times Change...

I was asked a question 2 days ago by a family member why my blog has been read by more than 7000 people around the world and i was trying to think back over time why it has picked up and i now have a following of people...

I would put my success down to hard work, creativity, going out my way to find the next article or post and writing about what is important to me at the time.

If you look back over the past few years you will see gaps in the blog and this is where i have had issues such as writers block, major events and not enough time, but when i started out i knew that this blog will continue until a day when it has to go or i am no longer here.

My blog is such a big part in my life i would say it has become something that does define my life and has made my life better through meeting so many great people and making new friends...

When i left school in 2007 i turned a corner in my life i picked the route i wanted to take and went down the path to study technical theatre in hull while many friends stayed in in my home town and did there studies, this plus other reasons is why only 5 or so friends from my school years stayed in touch... so i had to make new friends in hull and spent the past 5 years working a great group and slowly i have not had any contact with anyone from my school years apart from bumping in to a few people now and again...

The reasons for blogging and the reasons for starting are lost in the past ask my why i started i will tell you i cant remember but through it i have made some lifelong friends who i will be talking to in 10, 20, 30 years time. to blogging is a great tool to meet new people and to get more contacts both professional and for messing around on games...

 Thanks for reading and supporting the blog

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sat in the pub. In a village. now home

I am in a small village pub in belchford near louth  in the lincolnshire countryside, the pub is great and has a good selection of local ale and an extensive menu of food.

The reason for why I am sat in the pub is that I am on a photography trip in the area looking for filming locations for a short film for a friend while I walk round the local area...

The scenery around here is great and the community is a big part of the local area, I have found myself travelling a lot to find good photos and searching for filming locations for my friends films and my blog and i enjoy the time I spend meeting people and blogging about my time on the road.

The pub here is great and would recommend it to anyone in the lincolnshire area,

Here's is a few photos of the village, i would recommend this place to film makers as it has some great features:

On the way home after eating at a pub called the royal oak we passed this sunset and these photos were taken from inside the car at 40mph... but they still look good.

 enjoy the photos and thanks for reading

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Life with Coffee & Cake

The title has nothing to do with the blog post... Well not directly but there is some connection...

I have had a bit of a rough time with my sleep pattern recently and i have not blog for a few days as my mind is not in the right place at the moment but i feel like i need to write a few things so here we go.

People are a great mystery and the reasons about why we do things are never simple and black and white there are always shades of Gray. I spoke to a few people in the tekkit community recently and found that the game needs to change and evolve and this made me think about how we as people have evolved over the past few years.  

We have become more advanced with technology and surround ourselves with phone, TVs, Internet and computers and i thought about my life and how my life uses all these things on a day to day basis and how it has become 2nd nature just like the morning cup of coffee and the piece of cake on birthdays.

see told you the title had something to do with the post...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello World...

Everyday people around he world sit at their computers and in front of their cameras and create blogs and vlogs and upload them to the world for everyone to see...

I was talking to 2 friends recently and got on to blogging and youtube and on one of  them came out with this statement:

"adblock is the best thing for youtube and blogger  as you don't have to look at the stupid ads people put on there"

I totally disagreed and told  him that he was the reason why many content creators cant afford to make more youtube videos...

About adsense...

You could adblock all ads on blogger and on youtube and watch the videos you want but how is that helping the content creator to carry on improving there work... how do you think Charlie McDonnell can afford to live in a house creating content for the people around the world... for the viewers

Due to adsense rules i cant tell you you to click on my ads and youtubers cant tell you that either...

The only way many people make there money on the internet is advertising and to support your content creators get rid of you adblock and watch the pre-rolls on youtube, don't just dismiss the ads on a blog they may take you to another site were you might get a great product...

Support your content creators and turn off the adblock you will find that the creators can make more content that will keep you watching and reading...

 Thanks for reading and supporting my blog...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Planning a holiday...

Since blogging i have travelled more and been to many different place i would not have seen...

I enjoy travelling and have learnt a few tricks and tips for travelling...

1. Planning what you need...
Make a list of what you need to take and tick off the items as you pack

2. Plan what you are going to do at your destination...
Are you going to your hotel as you get to your destination or have you got to wait a few hours for check in times... if you have to wait you don't want to be sat on the streets of a city with several bags or pulling them round a local attraction so pack accordingly...

3. Research your destination...
When we planned to go to Rome for my 21st birthday we planned were we were going each day and how much money we were spending before we had left the UK...
I bought 3 books on Italian and learnt all the basic things we need to use while we were there which came in handy when we got in to the centre of Rome and was lost i asked a local how to get to the landmark near the hotel we got the hotel with in 5 min... all because i learnt basic Italian.

4. Take a camera...
You will kick yourself if you forget your camera or any chargers for your electronics as you may miss a good photo or your phone may not work...

5. Paperwork
Make 2 copy's of all paper work when you travel so if you lose one you don't have any problems...
make sure you know were your country's embassy is if you are abroad as it may save your life and any trouble you may have when you are abroad.

6. Take it easy...
Its your holiday enjoy yourself...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Over 6000 page views and great people

I have read many blogs over the past few years and the growth of my blog has been great over the past few months every day i check the stats on my blog and see how much it has grown...

I have been talking to a few people that i have met through blogging and i think it is amazing how just a simple blog can connect people around the world, I have been talking to 2 friends from New York  recently and when looking back i would never have met them with out my blog and the use of twitter.

I was trying to put my page views in to perspective and think about what a group that size would look like then i thought back to summer in the city and realised that only 4000 or so people attended that so i have had more people than summer in the read this blog... wow....

Link me to your blogs so i can follow you on twitter and on blogger just leave a comment....

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog...

Monday, 10 September 2012

fix it quick... old xbox and old games

We have had a problem with the wireless Internet recently and last night the Ethernet cables were just bad so today i woke up to no wireless Internet and that's annoying as i was downloading some work late last night when i had a connection...

Unlike the major population when a problem arises like this and has to go to a shop to get a new cable...
 i don't have to... i just have to take a walk to the shed were we have nearly anything you would ever need for a computer so in the space of 2 min i had replaced the cables and the Internet is working again...

I was looking for the cables when i found my old on the shelf and i can't believe it still works...
i was looking through the games i have got for it and i you can tell such a big difference in graphics quality now compared to back then...
I also found the old games consoles in the large card board box so might have a games session soon on all the old consoles...

just thought i would start a debate and ask the question:

Do you still have thee old games consoles and do you still play on them?

comment on this post with your answer...

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Why now...

I am annoyed at the moment as i have spent the past few hours editing a video i have spent the past 2 weeks working on only for my external hard drive to die and lose all the information on it... all the videos, all the future articles and all the information for a project i have been researching for the past 3 months have been lost...

The video was suppose to be for the 5500 page view of this blog and now it is gone and i don't have anything to upload... i am so sorry to everyone of my readers and cant believe it has happened like this...
Luckily i have kept my other video for the 10000 page views on another hard drive so i have not lost the 150 odd photos for that project... I am so sorry to everyone for not being able to show you some of the projects i have had planned for a few months now...

I will make a shorter video in the next few days of my summer in the city video and also try to sort out a replacement video for you to view...

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog...

Friday, 7 September 2012

coffee, work, tekkit & sleep

my daily routine is set now and my days planned out ahead of me for the next week or so...

I was told by a friend about a tekkit server that is good as it is laid back and lets you work with most of the tekkit components so i am going on that each day until it get a server sorted out...

The new server i will get will be either a 4, 6 or 8 person server that will be a private server for members only  to be a member it will be £5 for 3 months and it will let you use loads of land and use all tekkit items...

Plus there will be no griefing or damaging other peoples stuff so it allows people to us the server for filming youtube series or things like that so if you want to join comment on this post as the response on the blog will tell me how many slots we will need. the server will renew ever three months so you can pay again to continue using or new members can join. 

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Last few days of editing...

I am a day away from editing my video for this blog, it is going to have a small selection of photos and videos from the last few months and my recent holiday up in Scotland.

I am putting together the first part of my stop motion video for the 10000 page views on this blog and that will be a while before it is finished (nearly 1500 photos just for the first section).

I am planning to buy up another server for tekkit as the last one ran out and we did not make any money to keep it going but this time i am only buying 4 or 6 slots and if anyone wants to join it they will have to pay about £5 or so but it gives you a part of the server to do what you want with and it will run 24/7...
If you are interested leave a comment on this post:

I am working on a small photography project at the moment and will be uploading some photos in the next few days... so stay tuned to see some photographs

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog...

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back Home...

I'm back home now and adjusting back in to work and sorting out things for a few projects i have planned.

I am doing a stop motion video for my 10000th page view on this blog so got a lot of stuff to plan and get on with...
The web design company is going well and it is keeping me busy so i am working on a few projects at the moment...
The video for my 5500 page views is nearly edited so will be released on my YouTube channel soon...

 I have a plan to create some more videos soon i am just going through my camera footage and photos sorting out the details for the project...

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Scotland 2012: day 12: train home

I have posted yesterdays blog today as the internet was down yesterday and the connection on mobile was bad...
I'm on the train home now and going through the wild hills of Scotland... Train travel is a great way to see the untouched land in Scotland and the colours of the scenery are vivid in the the small amount of sun light in the filtering through the clouds.
The holiday has been good and I can't wait to sort through my photos and post a few on here...

I am close to getting 5500 page views and was thinking about the videos I will be releasing once I hit 5500 page views I have 2 videos I am going to release so stay tuned...
I am going to run a competition soon and give away some merchandise I am getting printed soon so if you want to be in the chance to win look out for a post in the next week for more details...

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 11: Final day

It is my last full day in scotland and i am getting stuff ready for traveling back home on monday morning...

I am going combine harvester spotting with the kids today and going for a walk with the dog...

the holiday up here has inspired a few ideas and made a few projects more possible as i have cleared my head and ready to get back to work on my blog and some videos for my youtube channel.

The weather should be good and the forcast seems clear today so should get plent of time out in the fresh air and get plenty of things done...

I am going to be writing a blog on the train home if i can get a good connection and may be get a few photos on the way... the culture and the surroundings in scotland is great and the place is just great to relax...

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 10: The Haggis plus cullen

I am only a hour away trying haggis for the first time...

My trip up to Scotland has been great and i have only go the rest of today and tomorrow left before i have to travel back home on the 6 hour train journey then a two hours in the car on Monday morning...

I have had some great food and drink while here on holiday and tried a great Scottish dish called Cullen Skink that was just great... its a dish made from potatoes, Smoked Haddock and Onions as a thick broth like soup.
The food and drink here in Scotland is great and will be sure to stock up on whisky and some classic Scottish food for the next few months.

I will post what i thought of the haggis tomorrow and add some photos from the past few days...

thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 9: Day out and visit to Cromarty

Today is a good day the sun is shining and the sky look clear...
The plan for the day is to get some work done then visit a small place called Cromarty on the Black Isle, I have been told its is a good place for photography and the scenery is nice around there so i should have a few good photos to post on here soon.

I went for a walk to the tall tree Forrest yesterday again and got some great pictures and a small videos for an idea i may use for a project...

Here's one photo from the woods... Toby come back here now...

I have a few ideas for a project that i want to start but need to purchase a flycam or a glidecam to get the effects i need so i hope to get something sorted out in the next few weeks and maybe get a YouTube video up with in the next month or so.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 8: 5040 Page Views

After having a great walk up to the woods with dog i decided to write a blog post for the day and i got a great surprise as i read that i hit 5040 page views...
I was going to be making a video for my 5000 page view as i thought it would be in a week or so but i don't have one ready just yet... so i have a plan to make something better and release it once i get to 5500 page views or so.

My blog has grown from a small idea to something that is a major part of my life now and the blog is going to carry on until i cant blog any more... i want to expand this blog soon and start a project that will open up a large opportunity for my readers and followers to get more involved in blogging.

A current project i am working on will be released to the world once i have finished filming and editing so i will post more information soon. 

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog...

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 7: The Landscape

The hillsides roll in to the distance for miles around as the mist and fog descends on the peak that over looks the house...
The rain clouds gather in the far distance as the trees sit calm after the wind lashed round the garden yesterday. The weather has been mixed as we have had several rainbows and the weather gets stuck in the valley were i am staying... 
The Scottish landscape is ever changing and has a great sense of atmosphere and theatre, the area i am in is full of rolling hills and small villages that can be effect by snow and ice throughout the year and the magic of the area is the surrounding hills that act like a natural defence from some of the more damaging weather.

I will hopefully be visiting Loch Ness on friday so should get some good photos and videos...
I am going to walk the dog in an hour or so and hopefully venture to the local Tall Tree Forrest and get a few photos that i hope to share with you tomorrow.

Comment bellow if i should post a few pictures of the dog..

thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

Scotland: Day 6: Cost of Living

I wrote about the differences between Scotland, London and home yesterday and when we went to the local co-op convenience store i was looking at prices and cost of everyday products such as milk and bread and the cost difference is a major thing for everyone in modern day society as we need the basic food to survive...

The cost of a bottle of milk is about the same as at home, but when i was down in London i would have to pay double the cost for the same thing... the city of London and the south of England has always had there goods priced higher and this is understandable but this just creates problems for many people as they can not afford the basic food that they need so they buy less healthy alternatives.

Join in this post and post a comment on how much is a bottle of milk were you live...

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scotland 2012: Day 5: Dog walk/ Thoughts from places

Blogging is such a big part of my life now that I can’t remember why I started, I have not earned a lot of money from my blogging and I don’t expect to get a lot of money from it as it is a small blog in the corner of the internet…

I think about why I do it now and it’s the comments and the experiences that I have gained from my blogging that has improved my life and my perceptions about life in general.
The power of blogging is a good thing as it can help many people by giving advice or promoting charity and local businesses and improve the lives of many people. 

I think about what my blog does for me and other people and it gives a window in to experiences that people can draw from and look at but it also makes me want to do more to give me better experiences to write about and gives me a purpose in life. 

Thoughts from places: 

As I was walking the dog I was walking down a country lane overlooking scenery that is just breath taking and looking at how everyone’s lifestyle is so much different : 

In London it is a busy place where everyone is rushing about having to get somewhere and looking after number one and just lives in their own little bubble and don’t talk to anyone while travelling around or walking in the street, There are shops everywhere and the availability to services are great. 

In Scotland as I was walking the dog people were saying hello/ morning/ how are you?  The pace of life is slower and the atmosphere is more relaxed. The nearest shop is more than 5 miles away and the availability to services can be limited.

I am from a town on the east coast and it is very mixed in the fact it is busy in the mornings but also slow paced during the day so best of both worlds, I can walk 2 min down the road to a corner shop and buy anything I need. 

As I compare the places I have been and place I live I can see a big difference and I find that blogging is a great tool to place my thoughts and focus my mind.
I think this blog is the one thing that has changed my way of thinking over the past few years and the blogging community is one that I am proud to be part of I am nearly on track with these blog post now so will be posting another later on if all goes to plan.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.