Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Big brother

Why in the world can anybody call it entertainment? 
 My view:
It's a group of no body's from the deep dark cracks of the earth that originally swallowed them up.

The big brother bosses must have been gutted when they were dropped by channel 4, but why in the name of sanity did channel 5 have to revive a one trick pony and continue to pollute the TV with "this programme"

Yes many people do like to watch it and yes many people enjoy the show to the point they will watch every single installment of the show,
Each to their own. 
But i shall always ask the ultimate question of:

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day to day plans = Failure

 Ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever planned a day out that didn't go to plan?
Spent hours working on what needs to be done that day?
Planned a picnic or a meeting a friend  and its rained just before you leave the house?

You could plan every single detail of something but (AND THIS IS A VERY BIG BUT) life will throw a curve ball and your plan will will be smashed back in your face.

Yes it is a sad fact of life and you can try to control your life, but why bother just let fate flow through your life and if you don't plan you can't be disappointed when your plans go wrong,

Transition of movies into real life

Final destination 5 is out now and many people will travel (possible across a bridge) to the cinema to watch it,
But here are a few thoughts to consider:
  • You will never drive across a bridge with the thought of the movie disaster.
  • You will never ever consider acupuncture.
  • Is sailing as safe as you think? 
  • You will never go near roadworks and hot tar without the thoughts of the film in the back of your mind.
  • You will cross the road to the opposite side when near a building site (especially if you see sheet metal)
  • You will never take part in gymnastics.
  • You will avoid buddha statues.
  • You really want laser eye surgery? Really? 
  • You Never ever Fly again. 
So when you have seen this film, left the cinema  you just know your life will have changed forever and you will become a bundle of nerves sitting in your room with all the lights on, in the fetal position shaking like a leaf.

Or you just realise its just a film and none of that can happen in real life.

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

multi-culture of britain

Pubs and coffee shops are the places to be on a Friday, relaxing with friends and family and having a good old English conversation about the weather.Until the tv news start reporting about britain in decline and britain 'going to the dogs' the tone just seems to lower.

When you have finaly ordered from the menu of 200 possible things and combinations, you end up having even more options of side orders to baffle you when you go to order at the counter, followed by the the age old question "do you want ice in your drink?"

Sat in an ENGLISH PUB, drinking an AMERICAN DRINK, eating AUSTRALIAN SURF AND TURF, And talking about everything and anything. Leaving the pub after a great meal and enjoying a few drinks it makes you realise how ENGLAND has adopted many ideas and products from the many countries of the world. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

my new blog

Welcome to my new blog.
In my new shiny blog i am going to talk about anything and everything from the major events in my life to the little stupid insignificant things, so there will be plenty of rants and stress sessions and  the normal everyday conversations so i hope you enjoy reading this and the many future post to clutter your computer screens.