Friday, 1 June 2018

National Volunteers Week

Volunteers' Week Logo

It's is national volunteers week from the 1-7 June 2018. It is a week to celebrate the act of volunteering and is a chance to say thank you for the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK, during the week, hundreds of events and celebrations take place across the country, saying thank you to volunteers and recognising their invaluable and diverse contribution to the UK.

To volunteer for an organisation can be a very rewarding thing and help many people you may never meet in other circumstances. To give your time to help an organisation or charity is something that can change your life and the people you help as communication with different people can be good for the well being of everyone involved.

There are thousands of places who have volunteering opportunities on offer and run effectively because of the generosity and time that people offer to them.

I don't volunteer as much as I have in the past but feel my experience as a volunteer has helped me grow as a person and I have learnt a lot about the In's and outs of volunteering for an organisation in different settings.

I have met people who have been given a new lease of life due to the rehabilitation and care of the organisation I volunteer for and the feeling of helping someone knowing that you are doing something to help another human being is the most rewarding feeling you can get.

Here is the link to the national volunteer site where you can read more about the week and learn of new opportunities in the field of volunteering for a well deserving cause.

If you have the time to spare please think of volunteering to help on of the many causes or organisations.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Photography: Challenge Yourself

I recently went on a small day trip to Haworth in Yorkshire. Its an amazing picturesque location with some amazing buildings and history, it was home to the Bronte family who changed the day to day life of the people how lived there and produced some very well know and highly regarded books.

The village is full of character and charm and is the perfect place to photograph... if the weather is good sadly on the day i was there it was raining all day so had to resort to Plan B.

For anyone who does not know I use a Canon 60D DSLR, some say it is outdated but i like the camera as it has produced some amazing pictures and traveled everywhere with me, not to mention I like the form factor, the options and the overall work flow of the camera. My only issue is it is not the best camera when it is raining which it seems do more often than not in the UK. (you have to love the British weather...)

So I was in an amazing location with great buildings (which I love to photograph check out my Instagram linked at the bottom of this post) and rich history worth photographing and I could not even get the camera out the camera bag... So not to feel defeated i used my phone to capture the area instead. Now my phone is not the most up to date handset (Moto G 2nd gen) but is still performs well and I managed to get the following photos.

I was happy I was able to get something to show from the trip and after exploring the village I have planned to go back at some point in the future to get some more photos, If you want to see more of my photography check out my Instagram

The one lesson I hope to pass on in this blog post is that it does not matter if you have the biggest or best equipment as you can still produce something that looks good and in these sorts of situations and you learn to adapt to the situation and go with the flow.

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Amazon Prime Day July 11th 2017

Amazon is launching its ever popular Prime Day again this year on the 11th July 2017. This event was amazing last year and I managed to get some good deals on some great products. This year is set to have hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively for prime members around the world and the flash deals that will be added every 5 minutes will allow members to get great discounts on lots of products.

If you are not an amazon prime member already you can use any of the amazon links on this page to start accessing prime membership for only £79.00 a year. Not only does prime membership give you access to free next day delivery on millions of eligible of items, it also gives you access to Prime Video allowing you to stream thousands of movies and TV shows. Membership also gives you access to Prime Music were you can stream over 2 million songs ad-free, you also get access to Prime Reading allowing you unlimited access to thousand of books, magazines, comics and more. 

You can access other services like Twitch Prime, Prime Photos Storage and get access to deals 30 minutes before non prime members. 

I have been a prime member for many years now and love the services the prime membership offers. I would recommend trying the 30 day trial if you are not sure but not many people I know have disliked the perks of membership. 

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Time, Motivation and Life


It has been a while since I have blogged on here... rather than give a large list of excuses or distract from point of this post I will just say life got a bit hectic and things did not go to plan.

Some could say the time spent away was a waste of time but I feel that the time spent working on other projects and general everyday life were a good learning experience and helped me grow as a person. The time away has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, I have been let down by some people who I thought were better than that but the experience has become a turning point and i have learnt to become a more positive and more assertive person.

Creativity can be a difficult thing to harness when you are involved in many projects at one time and I find it hard to make the creativity flow when certain people and organisations push negativity and unneeded stress on a situation...

But that is behind me now and I have picked myself up and dusted myself off  and as the dust settles on the ground around me I have made a clear plan for the future. My motivation has been low over the time i have been away from the blog but I feel my "mojo" is back and I am ready to take on the world.

I am writing this on a Saturday evening as the light is turning to every photographers dream of the wonderful golden hour when the light is just right and I have a glass of  12yo Scottish Whisky sat next to my keyboard just waiting to be finished off. I will be posting more content on here and as time goes on and hopefully get back to a level were I am posting more each week.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see some of the photography I have been posting recently and i have a few trips planned soon that will give me plenty of photos to post and maybe a few videos for YouTube...    

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Google apps sync/ update Issues for android users

It seems that the recent updates to a few of the main Google apps on the android system have caused a few major issues for many users including myself.

All of the apps work fine on my phone that is running the later android version (6.0) but the apps are having major issues on my Motorola Xoom tablet running android 4.0.4 as are many other users on other devices going by reviews on the app store and forums online.

I have recently found that the updates have destroyed the YouTube app as now the app is force closing seconds after opening the app. This has rendered the YouTube app unusable.
The recent update to the Google maps app have also caused a total loss of use for the app as it is impossible to log in to the Google account to access any map information.

Google keeps is experiencing major update and synchronization issues since the last update though it still works fine on my phone and PC.

A couple of the other apps that are affected by recent updates include, Google books, TV and movies, Blogger and Google+ which all have hit and miss log in issues, synchronization issues and force closures.
Also to note is the fact that the chrome app is no longer being support on android if your system is running Lower than the 4.1 OS.

It seems that the more recent updates to many of the Google apps are not running on the older versions of android even though many people are still running android systems of 4.0.4 on many popular Motorola, Samsung and Nexus devices that's are still being sold in store and online around the world.

I have tried to fix the issues on all the apps by clearing cache files/data, force stops and reinstall but this has not helped fix any of the issues faced on my Motorola Xoom tablet. It seems that the recent updates are not including support for the older systems even though many devices are still being used daily by millions of people around the world on popular devices.

Has anyone else experienced these issues/ got any thing they would like to share regarding the recent updates to apps on android if so let me know in the comment section below.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Forced Windows 10 Update Has Gone Too Far...

I spent about 45 minutes resetting my granddads computer back to windows 7 and reinstalling his software and sorting out the lost settings he was use to using yesterday.This is all because Microsoft decided to go too far and force Windows 10 to download automatically using scummy unethical tactics. The worst part of trying to sort out the issues was the forced nature of how Windows would not allow you to turn off the computer after the roll back to windows 7 without installing windows 10 again just by switching off the machine, I had to jump through hoops to then disable the update from the updates window as it kept ticking the optional window 10 update every time we exited the updates window.

I am big believer in having a option to choose what is best for me and follow the ethos that if i want a product i will go out there and purchase the product using my own free will. But Microsoft has decided that it doesn't respect people enough and would rather force a product on people because they can and want to roll out one billion copies of Windows 10...

I had decided a few months back to maybe try Windows 10 when i felt ready but after trying it out on my mates computer I found the layout and the system to be not as good as Windows 7. It seemed too cluttered and in your face and the compatibility issues where a real turn off, not to mention the security flaws and numerous bugs. After that experience I decided I was not going to upgrade as I liked the clean and easy to navigate layout of Windows 7 plus the reliability and compatibility of the operating system that I have used for many years.

I feel that Microsoft has let its customers down with the recent changes to the update and it is a breech of trust/respect with many of the users of the Microsoft windows systems. I have read many articles and spoken to people who have started to look at swapping over to Macs and Linux after they feel betrayed by the recent scummy method of forcing Windows 10 on everyone.

Here are the links to the articles I have used to roll back the system:
How To Geeks:

Be sure to uncheck the tick box on the optional updates window after you have roll backed the system.

There are plenty of sites on the web offering help to remove Windows 10 if you don't want it so be sure to do a Google search if you have any problems.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Zootopia / Zootropolis Review

Zootropolis is such a good film I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Disney have created such a great film for all the family with such a vibrant setting in an amazing multi-climate city and an enjoyable story line that had a few twist and turns that will keep you glued to the screen.

The animation was so captivating and wonderful it made the world so inviting within the city travel scene it set the film on a great path and made you want to experience everything Zootropolis had to offer. Its scenes like this that make animation films so engaging and immerses you in to the world. The music of the film was engaging and really set the mood helping to support the animation and the story in the best possible way. 

The character animation was amazing bringing the world of Zootropolis to life and the voice actors were so well suited to the animals that you felt that the the main characters of the film were all well supported by a great cast of well known actors and actresses and talented voice actors in many of the supporting parts. It was great to see the progression of the characters throughout the film and made the story more intriguing and engaging we all left the cinema saying how much we enjoyed the film and would highly recommend the film to everyone . 

There is not  much more I would like to say about the film as I do not want to spoil it for anyone, I would say it is a great family film for all ages you should see it if you like Disney or animation films in general go see it as soon as possible . 

I would give the film 8.5 out of 10.

Visit the Zootropolis today:

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